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    Individual Salary is Not Enough

    August 2016
    Individual Salary is Not Enough: Measuring the Well-Being of Recent College Graduates in Sociology examines the outcomes of a baccalaureate degree in sociology. The authors find that income, the most widely-used degree outcome measure, is inadequate as a sole predictor of college outcomes, including job satisfaction, holding a professional job,...

    Diverging Pathways: Disciplinary Differences in Full-Time Faculty Salaries

    April 2015
    There are several sources for the growing differentiation found in full-time faculty salaries, and one significant source is differences in salary by discipline. This presentation outline covers some of the issues resulting from disciplinary differences in faculty salaries and highlights the consequences for faculty members and their institutions. It also...

    Sociology Faculty Salaries Appear to Be Better Off: 2013-2014 Faculty Salary Brief for Sociology and Other Social Science Disciplines

    May 2014
    Using data from the College and University Professional Association for Human Resources, this report finds that for the first time in the wake of the Great Recession, sociology faculty members’ salaries in current dollars increased more than the inflation rate. However, when transformed into constant dollars, Academic Year 2013-14 faculty...

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