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Racial and Ethnic Minorities

The purpose of the Section on Racial and Ethnic Minorities is to encourage research, theory, and teaching concerning the relation between socially defined racial and ethnic groups. The encouragement of scholarship contributing to the welfare of all, rather than the promotion of any particular group's social or political interests, is a paramount goal of the Section.

Annual Report (2020)
Award Recipients 

Section Council 

Chair: Verna M. Keith, University of Alabama at Birmingham
Chair-Elect: Nicholas Vargas, University of Florida
Past Chair: Wendy D. Roth, University of Pennsylvania 
Section Secretary/Treasurer: Onoso Ikphemi Imoagene, New York University Abu Dhabi (NYUAD)
Shantel Gabrieal Buggs, Florida State University
Cassi L. Pittman Claytor, Case Western Reserve University
Celeste Curington, North Carolina State University
San Juanita García, University of California-Santa Barbara
Jalia L. Joseph, Texas A&M (Student Representative)
Anthony A. Peguero, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
Victor E. Ray, University of Iowa

Publications Committee:

Jean Beaman, University of California-Santa Barbara
Brenda Gambol, CUNY- The Graduate Center
Wendy Leo Moore, Texas A&M University-College Station
Jennifer C. Mueller, Skidmore College
Louise Seamster, University of Iowa
Saher Farooq Selod, Simmons College

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