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Teaching and LearningFaculty

Faculty are at the heart of the discipline of sociology. ASA offers resources and programs to support pedagogical and career success for faculty and teachers at all stages of their careers and all types of institutions.

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Contingent Faculty

The American Sociological Association is committed to supporting sociologists working as contingent faculty in a variety of contexts and institutions, including those with part-time or full-time contracts.  If you have a suggestion for a resource you would like to see posted on this page, please email Diego de los Rios at

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Department Leaders

Department leaders occupy a challenging position in the structure of academia between the role of faculty member and administrator. ASA has resources and programs to help department leaders navigate the multiple duties and complex expectations of these roles.

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High School Teachers

Sociology at the high school level is a very important part of a student’s curriculum. ASA supports teachers with resources and a community of teachers to engage and excite students.

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Graduate Students

ASA provides sociology graduate students with resources and offers relevant information and guidance to navigate their studies in sociology to help launch the next generation of sociologists.

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Undergraduate Students

ASA provides sociology majors with resources and offers relevant information and guidance to navigate their college experience and studies in sociology.

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TRAILS is a peer reviewed digital library of high quality teaching resources for sociology. TRAILS made its debut in 2010 and currently offers more than 3,000 resources. Full access to TRAILS is a benefit of membership in the ASA; subscriptions for non-members can also be purchased.

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Community colleges are important centers of sociological instruction and practice. ASA actively works to engage and include community college faculty as well as provide appropriate resources and community college-specific opportunities for professional development.

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