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Altruism, Morality, and Social Solidarity Award Recipient History

The Section on Altruism, Morality, and Social Solidarity's Distinguished Career Award

2020: Jeffery Alexander, Yale University

2019: Neil J. MacKinnon, Emeritus Professor, University of Guelph

2018: Edward J. Lawler, Martin P. Catherwood Professor of Industrial and Labor Relations at Cornell University

2016: Robert Wuthnow, Princeton University

2015: Jane Piliavin, University of Wisconsin, Madison

2014: Shalom H. Schwartz, Hebrew University

2013: Paul Schervish, Boston College

2012: Christian Smith, University of Notre Dame


The Section on Altruism, Morality, and Social Solidarity's Outstanding Graduate Student Paper Award

2020: Laura Adler & Elena Ayala-Hurtado, Harvard University and Julia Weiss, Heidelberg University “A Little Help from my Friends? Resolving Moral Tension between Meritocracy and Job-seeking Help,” 

2020: Kelley Fong, Harvard University, ““I Know How It Feels”: Empathy and Child Maltreatment Non-Reporting Among Low-Income Mothers,” 

2019: April Hovav, “Producing Moral Palatability in the Mexican Surrogacy Industry,” Gender and Society 33(2):273-295. 2019.

2018: Landon Schnabel, Indiana University, Bloomington, "Opiate of the Masses? Social Inequality, Religion, and Politics"

2018 Honorable Mention: Barbara Kiviat, Harvard University, "The Art of Deciding with Data: Evidence from How Employers Translate Credit Reports into Hiring Decisions," Socio-Economic Review 1-27. 2017.

2016: Landon Schnabel, Indiana University, Bloomington

2015: Robert Braun, “Religious Minorities and Resistance to Genocide: The Collective Rescue of Jews in the Netherlands during the Holocaust,” American Political Science Review 110(1):127-147. 2016.

2014: Blaine Robbins, University of Washington, "On the Origins of Trust: Perceived Motivations, Causal Attributions, and Other-Praising Emotions"

2013: Xiaohong Xu, Yale University, "Belonging Before Believing: Ethical Activism, Sectarian Ethos and Bloc Recruitment in the Making of Chinese Communism," American Sociological Review 78(5):773-796. 2013.

2012: Margaret Frye, University of CaliforniaBerkeley, “Bright Futures in Malawi’ New Dawn: Educational Aspirations as Assertions of Identity,” American Journal of Sociology 117(6):1565-1624. 2012.

2012 Honorable Metion: Matthew Hoffberg, Cornell University, “Prosocial Values, Reciprocity, and the Mediating Role of Perceived Motives in Direct Favor Exchange”


The Section on Altruism, Morality, and Social Solidarity's Outstanding Published Article Award

2020: Barbara Kiviat, “The Moral Limits of Predictive Practices: The Case of Credit-Based Insurance Scores,” American Sociological Review, 84(6):1134-1158, 2019.

2020 Honorable Mention: Shai M. Dromi and Samuel D. Stabler, “Good on Paper: Sociological Critique, Pragmatism, and Secularization Theory,” Theory and Society, 48:325-50, 2019.

2019: Brandon Gorman and Charles Seguin, “World Citizens on the Periphery: Threat and Identification with Global Society,” American Journal of Sociology 124(3):705-761. 2018.

2019: Patrick Reilly, “No Laughter among Thieves: Authenticity and the Enforcement of Community Norms in Stand-Up Comedy,” American Sociological Review 83(5):933-958. 2018.

2018: Andrew C. Cohen and Shai M. Dromi, "Advertising Morality: Maintaining Moral Worth in a Stigmatized Profession," forthcoming in Theory & Society

2018: Blaine G. Robbins, "Probing the Links Between Trustworthiness, Trust, and Emotion: Evidence from Four Survey Experiments," Social Psychology Quarterly 79(3):284-308. 2016.

2016: Wayne E. Baker, University of Michigan

2016: Nathaniel Bulkley, Innovation Places LLC

2015: Brent Simpson, Ashley Harrell, and Rob Willer, "Hidden Paths from Morality to Cooperation: Moral Judgment Promote Trust and Trustworthiness,” Social Forces 91(4):1529–1548. 2013.

2014: Dan Lainer-Vos, University of Southern California, "The Practical Organization of Moral Transactions: Gift Giving, Market Exchange, Credit, and the Making of Diaspora Bonds," Sociological Theory 31(2):145-167. 2013.

2013: Chaeyoon Lim, University of Wisconsin, Madison, and Carol Ann MacGregor, Loyola University, New Orleans, "Religion and Volunteering in Context: Disentangling the Contextual Effects of Religion on Voluntary Behavior," American Sociological Review. 77(5):747-779. 2012.

2012: Gabriel Abend, New York University, "Thick Concepts and the Moral Brain," European Journal of Sociology 52(1):143-172. 2011.

2012 Honorable Metion: Rob Willer, University of California, Berkeley, “Groups Reward Individual Sacrifice: The Status Solution to the Collective Action Problem,” American Sociological Review 74(1):23-43. 2009.

The Section on Altruism, Morality, and Social Solidarity's Outstanding Published Book Award

2020: Robert Braun, Protectors of Pluralism: Religious Minorities and the Rescue of Jews in the Low Countries during the Holocaust. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. 2019.

2020 Honorable Mention: Gary J. Adler, Empathy Beyond US Borders: The Challenges of Transnational Civic Engagement. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. 2019.

2020 Honorable Mention:  Roi Livne, Values at the End of Life: The Logic of Palliative Care. Cambridge, MA.: Harvard University Press. 2019.

2019: Stefan Bargheer, Moral Entanglements: Conserving Birds in Britain and Germany. University of Chicago Press. 2018.

2019 Honorable Mention: Chandra Russo, Solidarity in Practice: Moral Protest and the US Security State. Cambridge University Press. 2018.

2018: Steven Hitlin and Sarah K. Harkness, Unequal Foundations: Inequality, Morality and Emotions Across Cultures. Oxford University Press. 2018.

2018 Honorable Mention: Ann Swidler and Susan Cotts Watkins, A Fraught Embrace: The Romance and Reality of AIDS Altruism in Africa. Princeton University Press. 2017.

2016: Justin Farrell, Yale University

2015: Gabriel Abend, The Moral Background: An Inquiry into the History of Business Ethics. Princeton University Press. 2014.

2015: Vincent Jeffries, The Palgrave Handbook of Altruism, Morality, and Social Solidarity. Palgrave Macmillan. 2014.

2014: Peter Stamatov, Yale University, The Origins of Global Humanitarianism: Religion, Empires and Advocacy. Cambridge University Press. 2013.

2013: Lori Peek, Colorado State, Behind the Backlash: Muslim Americans After 9/11. Temple University Press. 2011.

2012: Donald Black, University of Virginia, Moral Time. Oxford University Press. 2011.

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