American Sociological Association

Visualizing Feminized International Migration Flows in the 1990s

The authors estimate migration flows of women in the 1990s at a global scale and provide a description of these migratory movements. The authors produce these data combining the 2011 World Bank Global Migrant Stock Database and state-of-the-art techniques to estimate migratory flows from stock data. The authors examine these flows in light of the global demand for care workers in the 1990s, showing that migration flows of women in that decade map onto the global care chains discussed in the qualitative literature. The data show that feminized migration flows in the period under analysis have a strong regional component. Yet the data also show that some of the largest feminized migratory corridors are in fact cross-regional.


Diego F. Leal, Ragini Saira Malhotra, and Joya Misra