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Theory Here and Now

Social Theory Now is a stimulating volume that advances the domains of, and approaches to, contemporary social theory and represents an important new point of reference for those interested in the current state of theorizing. Readers will find familiar topics and subfields characterized in interesting and often novels ways and are likely to be introduced to new authors or concepts. The volume as a whole is attentive to the major new innovations and controversies in conceptualizing social life, and the chapters bear repeated consultation for the fresh formulations they give of these theories. The chapters are written by people working at the contemporary limits of theorizing who seek to conceptualize the current state of fields, where there are problems and possibilities, and what next steps can be taken to move theory forward. Previous theoretical literature is situated confidently and informatively by the volume’s authors, and there are, thankfully, no knee-jerk reactions to the technologies or politics capturing the popular attention at the time the chapters were being written.


Daniel R. Huebner





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