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The ordering of cases on this page reflects the section on Ethical Standards, found in the ASA Code of Ethics (approved by the ASA Membership in June 1997), published in 1999 and reprinted in 2006.

Case 01. Competence in Professional Practice

Case 02. Maintaining Competence

Case 03. Maintaining Competence

Case 04. Misuse of Data

Case 05. The Limits of Expertise

Case 06. Off Campus Time and Teaching Responsibilities

Case 07. Training and Supervising Field Workers

Case 08. Nondiscrimination based on national origin

Case 09. Nondiscrimination in Hiring Field Workers

Case 10. Experience or Exploitation

Case 11. Fair Distribution of Workload

Case 12. Sexual Relationships

Case 13. Harassment on the Basis of Ethnicity/Political Allegiance

Case 14. Part-time Employees

Case 15. Non-academic Settings

Case 16. Responsibilities of Academic Sociologists as Employees

Case 17. Responsibilities as an Employee

Case 18. Constraints on Research

Case 19. Hiring Practices

Case 20. Early Tenure Evaluation

Case 21. Objectivity and Incentives

Case 22. Disclosure of Sources of Grant Funds

Case 23. Avoidance of Personal Gain

Case 24. Avoidance of Personal Gain

Case 25. Dual-Role Relationships within an Organization

Case 26. Refusal in a Situation of Conflict of Interest with Respect to a Colleague

Case 27. Refusal in the Case of Conflict of Interest with Respect to a Relative Who Is Also a Colleague

Case 28. Businesses that Involve Students

Case 29. Payment for Use of Name and Reputation

Case 30. Accuracy of Credentials and Competence in Public Communications

Case 31. Attempting to Assure Accuracy

Case 32. Statements about Professional Experience

Case 33. Preservation of Confidential Information in Teaching

Case 34. Confidentiality of Information Obtained during the Course of a Sociologist's Work

Case 35. Enforcement Agencies and the Protection of Human Subjects

Case 36. Dual Roles and Student Confidentiality

Case 37. Respondent Confidentiality

Case 38. Data Ownership and Promises of Confidentiality

Case 39. Linking Data Sets

Case 40. Data Sharing and Potential Future Uses

Case 41. Confidentiality, Technology and Teaching

Case 42. Email

Case 43. Privacy

Case 44. Collegial Confidentiality

Case 45. Withholding Information

Case 46. Confidentiality of Subject Data

Case 47. Maintaining Confidentiality of Faculty Hiring Discussions

Case 48. Legal Requests/Requirements for Confidential Data from Research Field Notes

Case 49. Electronic Transfer of Confidential Research Data

Case 50. Informed Consent with Vulnerable Populations

Case 51. Vulnerable Populations

Case 52. Vulnerable populations

Case 53. Informed Consent with Pre-testing Convenience Samples

Case 54. Stage Names and Deception: Two Examples

Case 55. Research By Students

Case 56. Student Research on a Sensitive Topic

Case 57. Establishing Boundaries on Projects

Case 58. "Informal" Surveys for Policy and Planning That "Trigger" Research Projects

Case 59. Teenage Youth and Coercion

Case 60. Dissemination of Research Findings

Case 61. Discovery of Error in One's Own Work

Case 62. Data Sharing in Ongoing Projects

Case 63. Data Sharing

Case 64. Data Sharing, Informed Consent and Confidentiality

Case 65. Continuing Research and Protecting Confidentiality

Case 66. Using False, Fabricated or Misleading Data

Case 67. Definition of Plagiarism: Phrasing

Case 68. Plagiarism in Coursework

Case 69. Proper Credit

Case 70. Rights to Authorship

Case 71. Establishing Mutually Acceptable Agreements

Case 72. Acknowledging Credit in Professional Work

Case 73. Multiple Submission

Case 74. Reporting Full Findings

Case 75. Dual submission -- Expansion of ideas

Case 76. Dual submission

Case 77. The Role of Editors in Dual Publications

Case 78. The "Small Circles" Problem

Case 79. Selection of Reviewers -- Perceived personal animosity between a potential reviewer and author.

Case 80. Selection of Reviewers  -- Competing approaches in a field

Case 81. Appropriateness of a paper for publication in a journal

Case 82. Appropriateness of reviewing an obviously poor paper

Case 83. Prolonged period of getting a submission reviewed

Case 84. Reviewing the Work of Students

Case 85. Acknowledging the Insights of Reviewers

Case 86. Citing Work Known through the Review Process

Case 87. Introducing Students to the Review Process

Case 88. Unauthorized use of an advisor

Case 89. False or Deceptive Statements

Case 90. Designing A Comprehensive Program

Case 91. Filling Last Minute Teaching Gaps

Case 92. Equality in Training Opportunities

Case 93. Change in the Classroom

Case 94. Intellectual Animosities and Teaching

Case 95. Citation of Sources and Use of Materials in Teaching

Case 96. Teaching, Research and Data Collection

Case 97. Maintaining Documentation of Professional and Scientific Work

Case 98. Clueless

Case 99. A Real Case Involving the Protection of Confidential Data

Case 100. Student Confidentiality

Case 101. Addressing Ethical Issues

Case 102. Duty to Report Ethical Violations of Others

Case 103. Hiring and Non-Prejudice

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