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Resources for ASA Program Reviewers and Consultants

Resources for ASA Program Reviewers and Consultants

This content is restricted to trained ASA Program Reviewers and Consultants (formerly the Department Resources Group [DRG]).

Sociologists can be nominated or self-nominate to become an ASA Program Reviewer and Consultant. Nominees should be seasoned departmental and organizational leaders with an assets-based orientation to providing feedback to students, colleagues and departments. Nominations are reviewed by the ASA Program Reviewers and Consultants Advisory Board. Based on current needs, individuals from under-represented minority groups, from PhD granting institutions, and from the southern and western regions of the United States are particularly encouraged to apply. Interested parties should send a cover letter detailing relevant leadership experience, commitment to teaching excellence, and advancement of the discipline of sociology; names and contact information for two references; and a CV to Nominations are accepted on a rolling basis, but materials must be received by January 31 to participate in the training at the Annual Meeting in August.

Consultants receive first-time training at the ASA Annual Meeting in August. After completing the training, consultants will be listed on the ASA Program Reviewers and Consultants webpage. In addition, consultants are required to maintain current membership in ASA; attend the training session at the ASA Annual Meeting at least once every three years (though annual participation is encouraged); update their consultant profile every year; and follow through on all program business (site visits, reports, etc.) in a timely and professional manner.

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