American Sociological Association

Sociology in Action: Yvonne Vissing

Yvonne Vissing, Salem State University, worked with the juvenile justice system in partnership with the New Hampshire Juvenile Parole Board in Manchester NH. ASA asked Vissing about her work:

What does the New Hampshire Juvenile Parole Board do? The parole board considers juvenile's request for parole from the Sununu Youth Development Center, the state's residential facility for juvenile delinquents.

Could you describe your involvement? Youth may be sentenced by the courts for assessment and rehabilitation at this facility. When they have completed their program, they may be considered for parole where they go back into the community. I helped identify appropriate placements and services for them within a child rights framework.

What sociological knowledge and/or skills did you use? My background in the sociology of children and youth, sociology of the family, sociology of law, and community sociology were very useful.

How did you connect with the Juvenile Parole Board? I was appointed by the governor.

Duration of the project? Ten years.