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Sociology in Action: Jerry Park

Jerry Park, Baylor University, partnered with AAPI Data at the University of California at Riverside, where he has worked to keep the data rigorous and accurate since 2014. ASA asked Park about that work:

What is the mission of the organization? AAPI Data seeks to make policy research and demographic data on Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders (AAPIs) more accessible. The organization strives to keep the information current and useful, with data and research that are as rigorous and accurate as possible. AAPI Data also regularly helps journalists, community organizations, and decision-makers make better sense of data and research.

Could you describe AAPI's work? AAPI Data posts blog posts and shares findings from the American Community Survey, and funds survey studies of Asian Americans focused on disaggregation of this racial category to raise awareness to media, politicians, activists, and scholars on these populations that are largely invisible in most discourses about racial stratification and inequality.

What sociological knowledge and/or skills did you use? I have posted blog notes that use General Social Survey data and other survey data to discuss relevant issues facing Asian Americans.

How did you connect with AAPI Data? I was connected thanks to a previous data inquiry to the director regarding Asian American data.