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Sociology in Action: Angie Hattery

Angie Hattery, George Mason University, worked with the Fairfax County Domestic Violence Prevention, Policy and Coordinating Committee in Fairfax, VA, where she worked on programs and on projects addressing the needs of non-English speaking victims. ASA asked Hattery about that work:

What is the mission of the Domestic Violence Prevention, Policy and Coordinating Committee (DVPPCC)? The Fairfax County DDVPPCC brings together all stakeholders in Fairfax County, including prosecutors, judges, defense attorneys, Legal Aid, shelter coordinators, batterer intervention services, clergy, and politicians to evaluate intimate partner violence prevention and intervention and improve responses and services for all community members.

Could you describe the project? The Fairfax County DVPPCC meets quarterly to address intimate partner violence in the Fairfax community. Policies and practices are generated from a variety of experts in the local community to improve prevention and intervention services. Projects have included improving the delivery of orders of protection to non-English speakers, assessing victims experiences with the court hearing processes, and an annual review of domestic violence fatalities. Over the last 10 years, the community has seen a decrease in domestic violence homicide and an increase in prevention services, particularly to non-English speaking community members.

What sociological knowledge and/or skills did you use? As an expert on intimate partner violence and methodologist, I regularly contribute to assessment efforts, identify and present on best practices and national trends, and I testify in court cases about the impact of intimate partner violence on families and communities.

How did you connect with the organization? As a scholar of intimate partner violence, I reach out, volunteer, and maintain relationships with local organizations work to prevent and interrupt intimate partner violence.

How long was your involvement with the project? Five years.