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Our program is ready. Please check it out: here.

We also have a list of the current (as of July 3rd) work groups which you are encouraged to browse here.

The Sexualities Section of the American Sociological Association invites you to be a part of, Crossing Boundaries, Workshopping Sexualities, the first national mini-conference on sexualities studies in sociology. This two-day (August 15-16) conference will precede the 2012 Annual Meeting of the ASA in Denver, Colorado.

Crossing Boundaries, Workshopping Sexualities will bring together scholars working in the field of sexuality studies for an intensive two days of workshops, geared towards mapping and advancing the field, while building community and collective knowledge. To celebrate the vibrant life of the Sexualities Section, the conference also will include keynote panels by eminent sexualities scholars who will discuss the past, present, and future state of the field of sexualities research within sociology. 
This conference aims to unite junior and senior scholars working in related areas in an effort to share theoretical and methodological advances, create intellectual networks, and promote rich collaborations within the field of sexualities studies.

Conference participants can be involved in several ways. First, registered participants will be provided with a list of possible thematic workgroups to join. These workgroups are specifically geared toward networking and intellectual synergy. Second, conference participants can apply to present their work in one of three formats:

  1. Dissertation Master Classes: Participants will submit a short version of a dissertation proposal to be workshopped in a small group with other scholars working in related areas. A senior scholar will lead each group, providing feedback on the methodological approach, theoretical import and feasibility of the proposed research. 
  2. Works-in-Progress Panels: Participants will submit a work-in-progress (e.g. a book chapter or a journal article). Selected scholars will receive feedback from panel attendees, who will read the work in advance.
  3. "Critical Issues" Workshops: Participants will present a brief (10 pages double-spaced maximum) “position paper” or “thought paper” on a topic related to sexualities broadly.

These panels and workshops are designed to foster common investigation of theoretical and methodological approaches across specific research topics.

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REGISTRATION DEADLINE IS: May 15.  Late registration (after May 15) increases by $10.

Don't miss out ~ join us on August 15-16 in Denver!