September/October 2015 Issue • Volume 43 • Issue 6

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2015-2016 Regional and Aligned Association Meetings

Association for Applied and Clinical Sociology
“Social Justice from the Local to the Global: Sociology on the Move”
October 8-10, 2015
Montgomery, AL

Mid-South Sociological Association
“On the Edge of Theory and Practice: A Sociology without Borders”
October 21-24, 2015
Lafayette, LA

Sociologists for Women in Society
“Feminist Perspectives: Race, Place and Justice”
February 4-7, 2016
Memphis, TN

Eastern Sociological Society
“My Day Job: Politics and Pedagogy in Academia”
March 17-21, 2016
Boston, MA

Midwest Sociological Society and North Central Sociological Association (Joint Meeting)
March 23-26, 2016
Chicago, IL

Southwestern Social Science Association
“Social Sciences and Public Conversations”
March 24-27, 2016
Las Vegas, NV

Pacific Sociological Association
“Linking Theory and Practice: The Conduct of Sociology”
March 30-April 2, 2016
Oakland, CA

Southern Sociological Society
“The Politics of Marriage: From Intimacy to Public Policy”
April 13-16, 2016
Atlanta, GA

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