September/October 2015 Issue • Volume 43 • Issue 6

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How Is Your Program Preparing Undergrads for Employment?
Liberal Learning Task Force Seeks Examples

As previously reported in Footnotes (November 2014), a new Task Force has formed to revise the ASA volume Liberal Learning and the Sociology Major, Updated. The revision of the Liberal Learning document is prompted in part by the increasing focus on employment outcomes evidenced in surveys of sociology majors (Senter, et. al. 2012) and of college students generally (Eagan, et. al. 2013), as well as the use of data on graduates’ employment in a variety of measures of institutional and program quality. 

To inform its work, the Employment Outcomes Subcommittee of the Liberal Learning Task Force is compiling examples of the range of ways that sociology programs currently prepare undergraduate students for employment post-graduation. These could be curricular (e.g., in capstone courses, research methods/data analysis courses, applied sociology courses, pro seminars, service learning courses, internships), or co-curricular (e.g., programming done through student sociology clubs, chapters of Alpha Kappa Delta, or offices of Career Services), and might focus on skill-building (e.g., in particular courses, specific assignments, or co-curricular activities), or networking (via social media platforms or through more traditional means).

We seek contributions from a broad range of institutions, including community colleges as well as four-year colleges and universities, and a broad array of departmental structures, including joint departments as well as stand-alone sociology departments. If you have evidence that your program’s efforts have been successful, please include that as well. 

Send contributions no later than October 30, 2015 to Use “Subcommittee on Employment/LL Task Force” in the subject line.

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