September/October 2012 Issue • Volume 40 • Issue 7

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cecelia ridgeway

Cecilia Ridgeway

Meet the 2013 ASA President:
Cecilia Ridgeway

Shelley J. Correll and Kathryne M. Young, Stanford University

The bookshelves in Cecilia Ridgeway’s office are lined with back issues from American Journal of Sociology, Social Psychology Quarterly, and her other favorites. While you’re discussing your research with her, Cecilia will suddenly name a sociologist, rise from her chair, and pluck out an American Sociological Review from 1986. “I think it’s on page 417,” she’ll murmur, handing it to you. And not only will the article be on 417, but it will also be precisely what you need to shape some crucial part of your research.

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erik olin wright

ASA President ASA Erik Olin Wright delivering his Presidential Address.

Sociologists Explore Real Utopias in an Annual Meeting Filled With Firsts 

Daniel Fowler, ASA Media Relations

For the third time in its history and the first time since 1971, the American Sociological Association held its Annual Meeting in Denver, CO, this August.

“It had been a long time since we were last in Denver, so it was great to be back,” said ASA Executive Officer Sally T. Hillsman. “The Mile High City welcomed us with open arms, and the enthusiasm of our members was reflected in the meeting attendance.”

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The International Sociological Association 2nd Forum of Sociology in Buenos Aires

Margaret Abraham, Hofstra University and ISA Vice President for Research and ASA Representative to the ISA

This August, 3,600 people from 84 countries, including 300 individuals from the United States, came together in Buenos Aires, Argentina, to participate in the International Sociological Association’s (ISA) 2nd Forum of Sociology (the 1st Forum was in Barcelona in 2008). The Forum theme of “Social Justice and Democratization” was particularly timely, given the events of the past year that saw people across the globe challenging oppressive social, political, and economic regimes with indomitable courage; striving for social justice and daring against all odds to take the difficult but by no means linear roads to democratization.

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kluge prize

ASA Executive Officer Sally T Hillsman, Henrique Fernando Cardoso, and ASA Intern Arielle Baran

President Fernando Henrique Cardoso Is Awarded the Kluge Prize

Arielle Baran, ASA Summer Intern

President Fernando Henrique Cardoso was a sociology doctoral student at the University of Sao Paulo long before he was elected to two terms as the President of Brazil. His list of inspiring vocational and life accomplishments as both an academic and politician is long and impressive, to say the least.

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ASA Awards Second Cohort of NSF-Funded Postdoctoral Fellowships in Economic Sociology

Beth Floyd, ASA Minority and Student Affairs

ASA, along with its university partners, is pleased to introduce the recipients of the second cohort of the ASA/NSF Postdoctoral Fellowship. Out of a highly competitive pool of applicants, 13 finalists were selected and ultimately five are participating in the program for 2012-2014. All five have begun their fellowships at their respective host institutions this fall. In addition to managing the application and selection process, ASA is conducting research on the contexts, expectations, and trajectories of those selected for the program and those who were not. The research and evaluation is being led by Roberta Spalter-Roth, ASA Director of Research. According to Spalter-Roth, the “research component will provide new evidence on the role of postdoctoral training as the discipline moves forward, with the help of ASA’s new Task Force on the Postdoctorate in Sociology, which will begin its work in 2013.”

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