September/October 2012 Issue • Volume 40 • Issue 7

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ASA Member-Get-A-Member Campaign a Success

The 2012 ASA Member-Get-A-Member campaign concluded on July 13. Sixty-two current ASA members (see list below) sponsored at least one new member for 2012.

For every new non-student member sponsored during the campaign, sponsors will receive a $10 discount on their 2013 member dues. In addition, every member who sponsored a new member (student or non-student) was entered into a drawing to win a new Amazon Kindle Fire tablet/e-reader. Congratulations to this year’s winner, Christopher Barnum (St. Ambrose University).

The ASA extends its gratitude to all participating sponsors in the 2012 Member-Get-A-Member campaign and throughout the year.

Laura L. Adams

Peter Adler

Kristine J. Ajrouch

Pertti Alasuutari

Mathieu Albert

Christopher C. Barnum

Sadhana Bery

Monica J. Casper

Ted Chiricos

Daniel Thomas Cook

Bruno Nicolas Cousin

Anthony Gary Dworkin

Peter B. Evans

Harriet Friedmann

Kristin Glass

Adam Goldstein

John Goodwin

Alya Guseva

LaDawn Haglund

Robert Alan Hanneman

Amy Hanser

Jeffrey Hass

Ann Herda-Rapp

Crosby Hipes

Emily Noelle Ignacio

Crystal A. Jackson

Marylee M. James

Carol A. Jenkins

Kelly A. Joyce

Barbara R. Keating

David A. Kinney

Peter Kivisto

Jeong-Woo Koo

Lauren Krivo

J. Scott Lewis

Michael A. Long

Nancy Lopez

Heidi Lyons

Richard S. Machalek

Douglas W. Maynard

Noriko S. Milman

Martin A. Monto

Kikuko Nagayoshi

Jeffrey Scott Napierala

Yotaro Natani

Deirdre Aine Oakley

J. Steven Picou

Diane Pike

Brian Powell

Leland T. Saito

Chris Salituro

Darren E. Sherkat

Thomas E. Shriver

Millie Thayer

Scott Thomas

Michael Franklin Thompson

Tina Uys

Oralia Varela-Gómez

Mary E. Virnoche

Robin E. Wagner-Pacifici

Pamala Wiepking

Erik Olin Wright

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