September-October 2011 Issue • Volume 39 • Issue 7

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ASA Member-Get-A-Member
Campaign a Success

The 2011 ASA Member-Get-A-Member campaign concluded on July 22. Seventy-eight current ASA members (see list below) sponsored 90 new members for 2011.

For every new non-student member sponsored during the campaign, sponsors will receive a $10 discount on their 2012 member dues. In addition, every member who sponsored a new member (student or non-student) was entered into a drawing to win a new Amazon Kindle 3G+Wi-Fi, plus a $50 Kindle gift certificate. Congratulations to this year’s winner, Marybeth Mattingly (University of New Hampshire).

The ASA extends its gratitude to all participating sponsors in the 2011 Member-Get-A-Member campaign and throughout the year.

Kevin B. Anderson

Pamela J. Aronson

Mikael Bask

Janeen H. Baxter

Anna Bellatorre

Margareta Bertilsson

Miriam W. Boeri

John Boli

David E. Boyns

Tony N. Brown

David L. Brunsma

Martin Bulmer

Phillip Arnold Carey, Jr

Daniel Thomas Cook

Teresa M. Cooney

Martha Copp

Heather E. Dillaway

Jo M. Dohoney

Michael O. Emerson

Eugene P. Ericksen

James A. Evans

Peter B. Evans

Dana R. Fisher

Mark Frezzo

Janet Zollinger Giele

Andrew Golub

Elizabeth Grauerholz

Twyla J. Hill

Sally T. Hillsman

James A. Holstein

Shirley A. Jackson

Paul A. Jargowsky

Vincent Jeffries

Karen M. Jennison

Tamara Kay

Verna M. Keith

Erin Kelly

Pavel Krotov

Michele Lamont

Erin Leahey

Matthew T. Lee

J. Scott Lewis

Nolan J. Malone

Marybeth J. Mattingly

John Bryce Merrill

Roslyn A. Mickelson

Michael Micklin

Mairead Eastin Moloney

Veronica Montes

Matthew D. Moore

Matt G. Mutchler

Adina Nack

Kumiko Nemoto

Hyeyoung Oh

Kristin Park

Robert Nash Parker

Daniel H. Poole

Gordana Rabrenovic

Mindy J Rhindress

Keith A. Roberts

Evren Savci

John J. Schneider

April M. Schueths

Randa Bassem Serhan

Mark A. Shibley

Jean H. Shin

Katherine Stovel

Victoria Strelnikova

Maryanne Theobald

Melissa Thompson

Chris Tilly

Steven A. Tuch

Jeremy E. Uecker

Margaret Weigers Vitullo

Edward T. Walker

Lillian Marie Wallace

Beth Williford

Fletcher Winston

Jason Wollschleger

James D. Wright

Min Zhou

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