September-October 2009 Issue • Volume 37 • Issue 7

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Footnotes Staff

Published monthly with combined issues in May/June, July/August, and September/October.
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Editor: Sally T. Hillsman

Associate Editor: K. Lee Herring

Managing Editor: Johanna Olexy

Secretary: Donald Tomaskovic-Devey

Article submissions are limited to 1,000 words and must have journalistic value (e.g., timeliness, significant impact, general interest) rather than be research oriented or scholarly in nature. Submissions will be reviewed by the editorial board for possible publication. “ASA Forum” (including letters to the editor) contributions are limited to 400-600 words; “Obituaries,” 500-700 words; and “Announcements,” 200 words. All submissions should include a contact name and, if possible, an e-mail address. ASA reserves the right to edit all material published for style and length. The deadline for all material is the first of the month preceding publication (e.g., February 1 for March issue).

Send communications on material, subscriptions, and advertising to: American Sociological Association, 1430 K Street, NW, Suite 600, Washington, DC 20005;
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