September-October 2009 Issue • Volume 37 • Issue 7

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Evelyn Nakano Glenn’s Displacements and Connections


Evelyn Nakano Glenn

Profile of the 101st ASA President

by Myra Marx Ferree, University of Wisconsin

Evelyn (Evi) Nakano Glenn is a wise Asian American woman and the 2010 President of the ASA, and it is my great privilege to make the sociological community more familiar with her as a person and as a scholar. Having known Evi Glenn since we were both fledgling sociologists, I believe that her life and work form a single story best told through her displacements and her connections. Her story can serve as an illustration of the vital balance between structure and agency that she argues belongs in every sociological explanation.

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09mtgThe New Politics of Community

The Subject and Practice
of Community Explored
at the ASA Annual

by Jackie Cooper, ASA Public Information Office

The American Sociological Association’s 104th Annual Meeting brought 5,500 sociologists to San Francisco in early August not only to study the idea of community, but also to strengthen the discipline’s sense of community.

Leveraging the meeting’s theme, "The New Politics of Community," ASA President Patricia Hill Collins introduced the idea of reframing community as a political construct and sought to generate scholarship and discussion surrounding changing and contradictory understandings of community.

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Neil Gross

Neil Gross to Edit
Sociological Theory

by Chas Camic, Northwestern University, and Michèle Lamont, Harvard University

After its successful run at Yale University under the joint editorship of Julia Adams, Jeff Alexander, Ron Eyerman, and Phil Gorski, Sociological Theory has re-located, as of August 2009, to the University of British Columbia, where Neil Gross will serve as editor. The move marks the first time that a Canadian university will house the editorial offices of an ASA-sponsored publication, as well as the first time that a sociologist with a 21st- century doctorate edits one of ASA’s premier journals. These changes signal important developments for Sociological Theory.

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ISA Prepares for 2010
World Congress of Sociology

by Val Moghadam, Purdue University, and member of the ISA Executive Committee and the National Associations Liaison Committee, Representing ASA

Every four years—sometimes in tandem with the World Cup—the International Sociological Association (ISA) holds its World Congress. Many members of the ASA will fondly recall the last Congress, which took place in July 2006 in Durban, South Africa (enjoying the sightseeing, wines, safari, and oh yes, the terrific sessions). This time, the XVII World Congress of Sociology will convene in Gothenburg, Sweden, from 10-17 July 2010. (The World Cup takes place on June 11–July 11 in South Africa; which means there will be some competition for the attention of football fans at the Congress opening!) And for those who plan that far ahead, the ISA will hold its 2014 World Congress in Yokohama, Japan.

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ASA Leadership Campaign
Begins by Raising $300,000 for MFP

by Jean Shin, ASA Minority Affairs Program

During her presidential address at the 2009 ASA Annual Meeting, President Patricia Hill Collins (University of Maryland) announced a newly formed leadership campaign to raise funds in support of the ASA Minority Fellowship Program (MFP). Coinciding with the 35th anniversary of the program, the campaign has already generated over $250,000. Since Collins’ announcement, additional campaign pledges have come in, raising the total to $300,000 and the number of campaign leaders to nearly 60 to date.

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