September-October 2009 Issue • Volume 37 • Issue 7

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For Members Only

ASA Member-Get-A-Member Campaign a Success

The 2009 ASA Member-Get-A-Member campaign concluded on July 15. More than 78 current ASA members (see list below) sponsored 90 new members for 2009.

For every new non-student member sponsored during the campaign, sponsors will receive a $10 discount on their 2010 member dues. In addition, every member who sponsored a new member (student or non-student) was entered into a drawing to win a Kindle 2 Wireless Reading Device from Congratulations to this year’s winner, Terri Lynne LeMoyne (University of Tennessee-Chattanooga).

The ASA extends its gratitude to all participating sponsors in the 2009 Member-Get-A-Member campaign and throughout the year.

Leisy Janet Abrego

Moses B Adegbola

Barbara M. Altman

Margaret L. Andersen

Renee R. Anspach

Julie E. Artis

Melissa I. Bamba

Sharon N. Barnartt

Juan J. Battle

Peter Beilharz

Elizabeth Heger Boyle

Steven R. Brechin

Charles Camic

Ben Carrington

Kyong Hee Chee

Elizabeth E. Chute

Daniel Thomas Cook

Russell L. Curtis, Jr.

Penny A. Edgell

Daina Stukuls Eglitis

Paula Englan d

Steven Epstein

Joan Ferrante

Anne Figert

Nancy A. Fischer

Bridget Fitzgerald

Neil Fligstein

William H. Frey

Mark Frezzo

Neil L. Gross

Daniel Hawkins

Elizabeth Higginbotham

Leslie R. Hinkson

Hayward Derrick Horton

Anne K. Hunter

Vincent Jeffries

Cheryl Joseph

Melinda D. Kane

Michele Lamont

Valerie E. Lee

Terri Lynne LeMoyne

Matthew L. Lindholm

D. Michael Lindsay

Christopher David Linne

Judith K. Little

Linda Lobao

Peter Meiksins

Purna C. Mohanty

Robert Steven Moorehead

Ethel G. Nicdao

Daniel Alejandro Nunez

Stephen Pfohl

Justin J.W. Powell

Alexandru Preda

Amelie Quesnel-Vallee

Linda Quirke

Gary D. Sandefur

Leah Caroline Schmalzbauer

W. Richard Scott

Mojtaba Shahnoushi

Michael Shalev

Jill M. Smith

Leandra Mae Smollin

Carolyn M. Springer

Anja Steinbach

Gary M. Stokley

James Paul Thing

Mridula Udayagiri

Zulema Valdez

Maurice D. Van Arsdol

Jane Ward

Russell A. Ward

Elizabeth Watson

Jack Whalen

Kjersten Bunker Whittington

Christine L. Williams

Christine Min Wotipka

Xiaohe Xu



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