FOOTNOTES April 2001
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Footnotes Staff

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Editor: Sally T. Hillsman

Associate Editor/Managing Editor: K. Lee Herring

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Secretary: Arne Kalleberg

Article submissions are limited to 1,000 words and must have journalistic value (e.g., timeliness, significant impact, general interest) rather than be research-oriented or scholarly in nature. Submissions will ne reviewed by the editorial board for possible publication. "Public Forum" contributions are limited to 800 words; "Obituaries," 500 words; "Letters to the Editor," 400 words; "Department" announcements, 200 words. All submissions should include a contact name and, if possible, an e-mail address. ASA reserves the right to edit for style and length all material published. The deadline for all material is the first of the month preceding publication (e.g., February 1 for March issue).

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