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Chicago: A Sociologist’s Kind of Town

Join thousands of your esteemed sociology colleagues for an “intellectual feast like none other” at the 97th ASA Annual Meeting in August

Sociology 101 Pop Quiz Question #1: What U.S. city is known as the birthplace of great pizza and much of American Sociology? You guessed it! Chicago, a genuine “sociologist’s Mecca”! But, set aside for the moment your invigorated ponderings about Chicago’s role in the origin of diverse “species of sociologists.” Think instead about the pizza, the Loop, Second City Theater, and, yes, the myriad opportunities for unadulterated fun . . . For a sampling of the intriguing possibilities, see especially the descriptions of 12 tours you can enjoy in the enclosed Annual Meeting centerfold insert in this issue of Footnotes.

ASA’s 97th Annual Meeting promises to be a “grand intellectual feast” and in a physically pleasing meeting setting to boot: the Palmer House Hilton and the Hilton Chicago & Towers. And don’t forget how renowned 19th century French theater goddess Sarah Bernhardt succinctly described Chicago: “I adore Chicago. It is the pulse of America.” Bernhardt’s lay insights encapsulate the essence of why Chicago is such a sociologically favored town. And this year’s meeting theme, “Allocation Processes and Ascription,” promises to elucidate for attendees the role of attributed characteristics (e.g., sex, race, ethnicity, age, religion, social class) in affecting peoples’ opportunities in life.

Speaking of opportunities, now that we’ve ascribed some characteristics of our own to the upcoming Chicago festivities, including some enticing biological, gastronomical, religious, and theatrical metaphorical characterizations. . . what else is there for you to do but to simply come to Chicago and join your colleagues in a very real (i.e., non-metaphorical) adventure?

Still not convinced it’ll be worthwhile? Then check out the extensive sampling of opportunities to be featured at the Annual Meeting (e.g., thematic and special sessions, exhibitors, books, special events, plenary and ASA section activities, plenary addresses, seminars, workshops, mini-courses, meetings, forums, and job search resources) in the enclosed “Welcome to the 97th Annual Meeting” section.

Here’s one final enticement. In the words of ASA President Barbara Reskin, as she described some of her own ideas about attributes of the Chicago event: “The Annual meeting is a marketplace for the exchange of ideas.” That sounds like a rather convincing reason to attend. So, don’t miss this opportunity in your life; allocate some time to enhancing your sociological career attributes by attending ASA’s 97th Annual Meeting! Your colleagues may forever ascribe “esteemed colleague” characterizations to you, if you do attend!