March/April 2013 Issue • Volume 41 • Issue 3

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TRAILS (the ASA Digital Library) is a database consisting of teaching resource materials that cover a broad range of sociological topics and education levels. Visitors can search for materials by resource type, including assignments, class assessments, syllabi, web sites, video files, PowerPoint presentations, and more. TRAILS has over 80 sociological subject areas and different education levels from high school to graduate studies. The library contains over 2,700 teaching resource materials for downloading. 

Members may purchase a one-year subscription to TRAILS at a discounted rate of $25 or $20 if the member belongs to a Department Affiliate of ASA. For more subscription information about TRAILS, visit .

Submit Teaching Tools to TRAILS without Subscribing

ASA has an important goal of helping members demonstrate their pedagogical skills for promotion and tenure or in job applications. ALL ASA members are welcome to submit teaching resources to TRAILS: the Teaching Resources and Innovation Library for Sociology whether or not they have a subscription. Authorship of peer-reviewed teaching materials, which are cited as scholarly articles, is now available to all ASA members through TRAILS.

Share and preserve your teaching scholarship for future generations. This benefit will also makes it possible for retired members of the ASA, who may have little need for new teaching materials themselves, to submit their own teaching resources for publication in TRAILS. They can preserve for other sociologists their specialized teaching resources that reflect decades of teaching and research experience.

To submit to TRAILS, go to and click on the “Resource Submission Instructions” tab to see a printable set of instructions, the TRAILS acceptance criteria, a guideline on best practices in the scholarship of teaching and learning, and the TRAILS author agreement. For additional information, contact or call (202) 383-9005 x318.

For complete information on these and other ASA member benefits, visit

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