March 2014 Issue • Volume 42 • Issue 3

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Call for Papers

Genocide Studies International is issuing a call for papers. The journal is peer reviewed, comparative in nature, and includes articles and reviews as well as regular features, that engage and immerse readers in current news and activities in the field of genocide and human rights studies. Deadline: September 1, 2014. Contact: For more information, visit

The Irish Journal of Sociology (IJS), the official journal of the Sociological Association of Ireland, seeks manuscript submissions for volume 22, 2014.Contact IJS editor at For more information, visit

The Michigan Sociological Review (MSR) encourages submissions for its Fall 2014 issue. The MSR is the official, peer-reviewed publication of the Michigan Sociological Association. The MSR publishes research articles, essays, research reports and book reviews on a range of topics. Send submission with two files attached: one file with the manuscript that has all author identification removed and a second file with author contact information, author biography, and author acknowledgements. All files should be in .doc or .rtf format and follow ASA format. Deadline: May 31, 2014. Contact: .


Association for Humanist Sociology (AHS), Inc, October 8-12, 2014, Wyndham Cleveland Hotel, Cleveland, OH. Theme: “Injustice, Exploitation, Racism and the Activist Foundations of Sociology.” Submissions for sessions, papers, film screenings, or other presentations on the conference theme and all issues of interest to sociologists, humanists, and progressive social activists are welcome and encouraged. AHS is a community of sociologists, educators, scholars, and activists who share a commitment to using sociology to promote peace, equality, and social justice. Deadline: July 15, 2014. Contact: Mary Erdmans at and Stephen Adair at For more information, visit

International Visual Sociology Association 31st Annual meeting, June 26-28 at Duquesne University, Pittsburgh, PA, USA. Submit abstracts or inquiries to Deadline: March 29. For details, visit

Media Sociology Preconference 2014, August 15, 2014, Mills College in Oakland, CA. The steering committee for the formation of a Media Sociology Section in the ASA invites theoretical and empirical submissions for a preconference on media sociology. The goal of the preconference is to create dialogue among these disparate yet complementary fields of interest. Deadline: March 31, 2014. For more information, visit

Politics of Gender & Justice: The Intersection of Identity & Disciplines presented by Women and Gender Studies at George Mason University. May 3, 2014. Arlington, VA. Colleagues working in equality, social justice, and diversity fields, nonprofit organizations, professors, artists, activists, undergraduate and graduate students to present their work and works in progress to undergraduates and graduate students from neighboring regional universities and community members. Deadline: March 15, 2014. Contact: Tashia Harris at (703) 993-2896 and or For more information, visit

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April 6-12, 2014. Careers in Aging Week. An annual event intended to bring greater awareness and visibility to the wide-ranging career opportunities in aging and aging research. Universities and colleges across the world participate by sponsoring events at their schools or in their communities. Deadline: March 21, 2014. For more information, visit

April 25-26, 2014. Council on Contemporary Families (CCF) 18th Anniversary Conference. Coral Gables, FL. Theme: “Families as They Really Are: How Digital Technologies are Changing the Way Families Live and Love.” For more information, visit

June 18-20, 2014. The National Association for Women in Catholic Higher Education (NAWCHE). Seattle, WA. Theme: “Interfaith Women in Dialogue in Catholic Higher Education.” NAWCHE has served as the cornerstone from which women from across the U.S. have established a network of dialogues and camaraderie that have sustained us as faculty, staff, and students at Catholic institutions of higher education. Contact: For more information, visit

July 7-10, 2014. 21st Annual RAND Summer Institute. Santa Monica, CA. Two conferences addressing critical issues facing our aging population: Mini-Medical School for Social Scientists; Workshop on the Demography, Economics, Psychology, and Epidemiology of Aging. Interested researchers can apply for financial support covering travel and accommodations. For more information, visit

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The Law School Admission Council (LSAC) Research Grant Program funds research on a wide variety of topics related to the mission of LSAC. Specifically included in the program’s scope are projects investigating precursors to legal training, selection into law schools, legal education, and the legal profession. To be eligible for funding, a research project must inform either the process of selecting law students or legal education itself in a demonstrable way. The program welcomes proposals for research from a variety of methodologies, a potentially broad range of topics, and varying time frames. Proposals will be judged on the importance of the questions addressed, their relevance to the mission of LSAC, the quality of the research designs, and the capacity of the researchers to carry out the project. Deadline: August 15, 2014. For more information, visit

The Building Infrastructure Leading to Diversity (BUILD) BUILD awards will support novel, transformative, and broad-based approaches to training biomedical research students. Programs should emphasize research opportunities for students, along with additional innovative activities and mentoring, to engage and prepare participants for success in the NIH-funded workforce. Tangible advances are expected in three key areas: institutional development, faculty development, and student development. Deadline: March 18, 2014. For more information, visit

The National Research Mentoring Network (NRMN) NRMN will address the critical need for increased access to high quality research mentorship and networking opportunities for individuals from the undergraduate to early-career faculty levels. The network will develop an interconnected set of skilled mentors linked to mentees across the country both from BUILD institutions and elsewhere. NRMN will also develop best practices for mentoring, provide training opportunities for mentors, and provide professional opportunities for mentees. Deadline: March 18, 2014. For more information, visit

The Sociological Initiatives Foundation provides grants to support community-based research projects. It invites concept proposals for projects that link an explicit research design to a concrete social action strategy. Projects should also have clear social change goals. The Foundation has funded projects in the areas of civic participation, community organizing, crime and law, education, health, housing, immigration, labor organizing, and language/literacy. Deadline: August 15, 2014. For more information, visit

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The American Institute of Indian Studies announces it 2014 fellowship competition for applicants who wish to conduct their research in India. Candidates conduct research for their dissertations in India for up to 11 months. Senior fellowships are awarded to scholars who have their PhD degree for up to nine months of research in India. Deadline: July, 1, 2014. Contact: (773) 702-8638 or For more information, visit

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The Association for Political and Legal Anthropology Book Prize (ALPA) is pleased to launch a new book prize for the book that best exemplifies the ethnographic exploration of politics, law, and/or their interstices. The winning book will be reviewed in PoLAR: Political and Legal Anthropology Review and may be featured at a roundtable or author-meets-readers session at the American Anthropological Association meeting. Deadline: May 1, 2014. Contact: Susan Terrio at terrios@georgetown.ed. For more information, visit

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In The News

Richard Alba, CUNY-Graduate Center, Nancy Foner, Hunter College and CUNY Graduate Center, Philip Kasinitz, CUNY-Graduate Center, and Stephen Steinberg, Queens College and CUNY-Graduate Center, were quoted in a February 3 TIME magazine story critiquing The Triple Package, a book by Amy Chua and Jeb Rubenfeld on ethnic group success in the U.S.

Jean Beaman, Duke University, was quoted in a recent Agence France-Presse article about how self-help books U.S. are taking on a French accent. The article appeared in media outlets including Yahoo!News on January 21 and The Himalayan Times on January 22.

Rodney Benson, New York University, wrote a January 31 column, “How to Get Immigration Reform? Globalise It!” The column also mentioned Mabel Berezin, Cornell University, and Saskia Sassen, Columbia University.

Julie Brines, University of Washington, was quoted in a February 9 New York Times Sunday Magazine article, “The Egalitarian-Marriage Conundrum,” which mentions an American Sociological Review study she co-authored with Sabino Kornrich, Emory University, and Katrina Leupp, University of Washington. The same article quoted Pepper Schwartz, University of Washington, and mentioned Lynn Prince Cooke, University of Bath.

Ronald Burt, University of Chicago, was quoted in a February 7 Wiredarticle, “Why Startups Should Steal Ideas and Hire Weirdos.”

Todd Callais, University of Cincinnati-Blue Ash College was quoted in a recent Agence France-Presse article about Pete Seeger and the protest song. The article appeared in media outlets including Le Journal de Montréal and on January 29.

Jennifer Carlson, University of Toronto, wrote a January 9 Detroit News op-ed, “Gun Debate Misses the Mark in Detroit,” and a February 3 Toronto Star op-ed, “America’s Cautionary Tale of Mandatory Minimums.”

Philip N. Cohen, University of Maryland, was quoted in a February 6 Observer-Dispatch article, “As the Economy Bounces Back, So Do Divorce Rates,” about his new study. Additionally, his study was the subject of a January 27 Los Angeles Times article that also quoted Andrew Cherlin, Johns Hopkins University.

John G. Dale, George Mason University, was quoted in a November 27 National Geographic article about the current conflict over manual oil drilling operations in Myanmar.

Nancy Foner, Hunter College and CUNY Graduate Center, was quoted in a January 7 Times (of London) article on Amy Chua and Jed Rubenfeld’s new book, The Triple Package.

Charles Gallagher, La Salle University, appeared January 9 on Katie Couric’s show “Katie” where he discussed interracial relationships. He was also quoted in a January 18 Bucks County Courier Times story on the legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr., and race relations in America.

Naomi Gerstel, University of Massachusetts-Amherst, Natalia Sarkisian, Boston College, and Eric Klinenberg, New York University, were mentioned in a February 5 Salon article, “Stop Telling Single Women They’re Fabulous!”

David Grazian, University of Pennsylvania, was mentioned in a February 6 Philadelphia City Paper article about his book, On the Make: The Hustle of Urban Nightlife.

David Grusky and Sean Reardon, both of Stanford University, and Sarah Burgard, University of Michigan, were quoted and Michael Hout, New York University, was mentioned in a January 14 Palo Alto Online article, “Stanford Panel: Economy, Not War on Poverty, Failed.”

Eugene Halton, University of Notre Dame, was interviewed November 25 on Huffington Post Live about Thanksgiving becoming a national shopping day.

Joshua Hendrick, Loyola University, was quoted in a February 9 New York Times Magazine article, “A Megalomaniacal Prime Minister, a Cultish Leader in the Poconos, Citizens Taking to the Streets. . . Whose Turkey Is It?”

Matissa Hollister, McGill University, and Kristin Smith, University of New Hampshire, were quoted in a February 7 BusinessNews Daily article, “Job Tenure: Men Leaving Sooner, Women Staying Longer,” about their recent American Sociological Review study. The article also appeared February 8 on Yahoo!News.

Carole Joffe, University of California-San Francisco, was quoted in a January 29 New Republic article about responses to the closing of abortion clinics in Texas, a February 2 New York Times article and February 3 Guardian article about the decline in abortion rates in the U.S., and a February 3 New Yorker article about a substandard abortion provider and the efforts of others in the abortion-providing community to have his practice shut down.

Nathan Jurgenson, University of Maryland, was quoted and profiled in a January 27 BuzzFeed article, “Meet The Man Who Got Inside Snapchat’s Head.”

Alexandra Kalev, Tel Aviv University, was quoted in a January 30 Plain Dealer and February 5 Fortune articles about her recent American Sociological Review study, which found that downsizing by position or tenure hurts managerial diversity, while performance guided layoffs don’t.

Alexandra Kalev, Tel Aviv University, Frank Dobbin, Harvard University, and Erin Kelly, University of Minnesota, were mentioned in a January 24 Washington Post op-ed, “Women, Work and the Art of Gender Judo.”

Lane Kenworthy, University of Arizona, was the subject of a January 9 Washington Post Q&A article, “This Sociologist Has a Plan to Make America More Like Sweden.”

Stephen Klineberg, Rice University, was quoted in a January 25 Houston Chronicle article, “Changing Face of the Family Reflects Houston.” The article also mentioned Eric Klinenberg, New York University.

Mansoor Moaddel, University of Maryland-College Park, was quoted in a February 6 Charlotte Observer article, “Muslim Majorities Open to Democracy, But Cautious.” Religion News Service originally published the article.

Theresa Morris, Trinity College, was recently interviewed on WTIC New England Public Radio, Newstalk Ireland National News Radio, KERA Dallas Public Radio, and Brigham Young Radio about her research on c-sections from her book, Cut It Out: The C-Section Epidemic in America. An article about the book was featured in a number of media outlets including The Hartford Courant and online editions of the Chicago Tribune and Los Angeles Times. Additionally, the book was reviewed in the New York Times and discussed in a Salonarticle.

Robert D. Putnam and Carl B. Frederick, both of Harvard University, and Kaisa Snellman, INSEAD, were mentioned in a December 5 Atlantic article, “The Social Science Behind Obama’s Economic Mobility Speech.”

Sara Raley, McDaniel College, and Pamela Smock, University of Michigan, were quoted in a January 14 article, “Juggling Act: Why are Women Still Trying to Do It All?”

Beverly Ross, California University of Pennsylvania, was quoted in a February 7 article, “In Defense of the All-Inclusive Resort.”

Gabriel Rossman, University of California-Los Angeles, was interviewed January 19 on NPR’s “All Things Considered” about a study he co-authored with Oliver Schilke, University of California-Los Angeles, on “Oscar baiting,” making films that are reliable picks for Oscar nods. The study was mentioned in a number of other media outlets including the Washington Post on January 15 and 16, Slate, the Toronto Star, and Pacific Standard on January 15, Salon on January 17, and the Boston Globe on January 26. Rossman was also quoted in a February 4 Atlantic article, “Paul’s Powerpoint to the Corinthians.”

Rubén G. Rumbaut, University of California-Irvine, and Vivian S. Louie, Hunter College, were mentioned in a January 26 New York Times op-ed, “What Drives Success?”

Theda Skocpol, Harvard University, co-authored a February 6 USA Today op-ed, “Obamacare Cures ‘Job Lock’: Column.”

David Smilde, University of Georgia, was quoted in a recent Associated Press article about how motorcycles swarmed Venezuela’s capital to protest a proposed nighttime curfew on two-wheelers as part of a government crackdown on crime. The article appeared in media outlets including Yahoo!News and on January 31.

Christian Smith, University of Notre Dame, was quoted in a January 23 New York Times article, “Gay Marriages Confront Catholic School Rules.”

Jay Teachman, Western Washington University, was quoted in a January 27 article, “How Military Services Impacts Returning Veterans.”

Stacy Torres, New York University, wrote a January 22 New York Times op-ed, “Old McDonald’s,” The op-ed also mentions Ray Oldenburg, University of West Florida, Elijah Anderson, Yale University, and Mitchell Duneier, Princeton University.

Debra Umberson, University of Texas-Austin, was quoted in a February 7 Washington Post article, “Finding the Support to Stay Put.”

John C. Weidman, University of Pittsburgh, was the subject of a July 11 Diverse: Issues in Higher Education Q&A article, “Diverse Conversations: Issues and Trends in International Higher Education Financing.” The article also appeared August 22 in the Huffington Post. In addition, Weidman was quoted in an October 15 Al-Fanar Media article, “How Saudi Universities Rose in the Global Rankings” and was interviewed November 14 on China Radio International’s “People in the Know,” about Chinese universities expanding their reach overseas.

William Julius Wilson, Harvard University, was mentioned in a January 29 Huffington Post column, “Motor City Madness.”

Fenggang Yang, Purdue University, was featured February 10, 2013, on Australian Broadcasting Corporation Radio National about religion in China and was featured on The Voice of America Chinese TV live broadcast about Pope Francis and Catholics in China. He was also the subject of September 7 Journal and Courier and October 18 New York Times Q&A articles, “Purdue Sociology Professor Elected President of Society for the Scientific Study of Religion,” and “Q. and A.: Yang Fenggang on the ‘Oxford Consensus’ and Public Trust in China.” In addition, he was quoted in a July 7 South China Morning Post Magazine story on anti-cult crackdowns in China, a September 16 Forum 18 News Service story about China five-fold state-backed religious monopoly, a December 19 Global Times article on the popularity of Christmas in China, and a December 23 Associated Press article on how a crackdown stymied a China church’s Christmas meeting.

Cristobal Young, Stanford University, was quoted in a January 13 San Francisco Chronicle article, “State Leaders Closely Watch Migrating Millionaires.” Additionally, he and Charles Varner, Princeton University, were mentioned in a December 3 Atlantic Cities article, “Why Bill de Blasio’s Tax Hike Won’t Cause the Wealthy to Flee New York.”

Viviana A. Zelizer, Princeton University, was quoted in a February 2 New York Times Sunday Book Review article, “Under Pressure.”

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Beverly Lindsay, Institute of Education-University of London and Pennsylvania State University, is the recipient of a multi-year grant from the National Science Foundation for her international project, “An Exploratory Examination of STEM Graduate Programs Between the United States and England.”

Robert D. Woodberry, National University of Singapore, won the 2013 Award for Excellent Research from the National University of Singapore, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences.

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Laurel Smith-Doerr, University of Massachusetts, joined the Sociology Department at University of Massachusetts, Amherst in academic year 2013-2014, and accepted an appointment as the Director of the Institute for Social Science Research.

Andreas Pekarek, University of Melbourne, joined the Department of Management in January 2014.

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New Books

Leisy J. Abrego, University of California-Los Angeles, Sacrificing Families: Navigating Laws, Labor, and Love Across Borders (Stanford University Press, 2014).

Antonio Menéndez Alarcón, Butler University, French and U.S. Approaches to Foreign Policy (Palgrave Pivot, 2013).

Paul Burstein, University of Washington, American Public Opinion, Advocacy, and Policy in Congress: What the Public Wants and What It Gets (Cambridge University Press, 2014).

Lizabeth A. Crawford, Bradley University, and Katherine B. Novak, Butler University, Individual and Society: Sociological Social Psychology (Routledge, 2013).

Mitchell Duneier, Princeton University, Philip Kasinitz, CUNY-Graduate Center, Alexandra Murphy, University of Michigan-National Poverty Center, Eds., The Urban Ethnography Reader (Oxford University Press, 2014).

Joe Feagin, Texas A&M University, Racist America: Roots, Current Realities and Future Reparations, 3rd edition (Routledge, 2014).

Kathleen J. Fitzgerald, Loyola University-New Orleans, Recognizing Race and Ethnicity: Power, Privilege, and Inequality (Westview, 2014).

Jan Marie Fritz, University of Cincinnati, Ed., Moving Toward a Just Peace: The Mediation Continuum (Springer, 2014).

Lane Kenworthy, University of Arizona, Social Democratic America (Oxford University Press, 2014).

Charis E. Kubrin, University of California-Irvine and Thomas D. Stucky, Indiana University-Purdue University of Indianapolis. Eds., Introduction to Criminal Justice: A Sociological Perspective (Stanford University Press, 2013).

Michel S. Laguerre, University of California-Berkeley, Parliament and Diaspora in Europe (Macmillan, 2013).

René Levy, Universite de Lausanne, Eric Widmer, Universite de Lausanne, Eds., Gendered Life Courses Between Standardization and Individualization (LIT Verlag, 2013).

Cecilia Menjívar, Arizona State University, Daniel Kanstroom, Boston College, Eds., Constructing Immigrant “Illegality”: Critiques, Experiences, and Responses. (Cambridge University Press, 2014).

Madonna Harrington Meyer, Syracuse University. Grandmothers at Work: Juggling Families and Jobs (New York University Press, 2014).

Nicholas L. Parsons, Eastern Connecticut State University, Meth Mania: A History of Methamphetamine (Lynne Rienner, 2014).

Michael Schwalbe, North Carolina State University, Manhood Acts: Gender and the Practices of Domination (Paradigm, 2014).

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Summer Programs

21st Annual RAND Summer Institute, July 7-10, 2014, Santa Monica, CA. Two conferences addressing critical issues facing our aging population: Mini-Medical School for Social Scientists; Workshop on the Demography, Economics, Psychology, and Epidemiology of Aging. Interested researchers can apply for financial support covering travel and accommodations. For more information, visit

The Summer Research Laboratory (SRL) on Russia, Eastern Europe, and Eurasia is open to all scholars of sociology with research interests in the Russian, East European and Eurasian region for eight weeks during the summer from June 16 - August 8. The SRL provides scholars access to the resources of the University of Illinois Slavic collection within a flexible time frame where scholars have the opportunity to seek advice and research support from the librarians of the Slavic Reference Service (SRS). Deadline: April 15, 2014. For more information, visit

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