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Members Urged to Volunteer to Serve on ASA Committees

Committee on Committees to be Elected This Spring

In a special referendum held in October 2001, members of the Associatoion overwhelmingly voted in favor of restoring the Committee on Committees (COC). This vote affirmed ASA Council's recommendation that the Committee be re-established. While the restored COC is modified in composition and scope, like prior COCs, it has the responsibility to recommend to Council persons to serve on committees.

Restoring COC as an elected committee expands the opportunities for members to be involved in the governance of the Association and to influence appointments to committees.

The amended By-Laws (Article V, Section 8) reads:

(a) The Committee on Committees shall be responsible for making ranked recommendations to Council for appointments to all Award Selection Committees and Status Committees. Additionally, the Committee on Committees shall make ranked recommendation to Council for appointments to the Awards Committee, the Committee on Professional Ethics, and the at-large portion of the Committee on Sections. The Committee on Nominations will have the responsibility of nominating the candidates for the Committee on Committees.

(b) The Committee on Committees shall be composed of eight members each serving two-year terms. Four are to be elected at-large and four in seats reserved for specific institutional constituencies (one seat each for members employed by PhD-granting institutions; by MA and 4-year institutions; by 2-year schools; and by non-teaching institutions and in self-employment) with two at-large and two reserved seats up for election each year.

Election of the Committee on Committees goes into effect in 2002. Members will vote on COC nominees as part of the ASA ballot. Those seated on the Committee on Committees will begin work immediately, meet at the August 2002 Annual Meeting, and provide recommendations to Council on committee appointees.

ASA members are encouraged to nominate persons or volunteer themselves to serve on ASA committees. Please complete the form on the ASA homepage (

The Committee on Committees will recommend names for Council approval in August, with terms beginning January 2003, generally for three years. If you are interested in any of the committees listed below, please advance your name and relevant experience.

Award Selection Committees:
Career of Distinguished Scholarship
Dissertation Award
Distinguished Career Award for the Practice of Sociology
Distinguished Contributions to Teaching
Distinguished Scholarly Publication
DuBois-Johnson-Frazier Award
Jessie Bernard Award
Public Understanding of Sociology

Committee on Professional Ethics

Committee on Sections (at-large members)

Status Committees
Status of Women in Sociology
Status of Minorities in Sociology
Status of Persons with Disabilities
Status of Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgendered Persons