February 2013 Issue • Volume 41 • Issue 2

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Individual Health Insurance Plans

ASA members are eligible for discounts through Health Insurance Mart offered by the insurance brokerage firm Marsh US Consumer.   Members have the choice of short-term or long-term insurance coverage plans. Marsh also offers Limited Medical coverage plans to people who have been denied coverage from other health insurance plans.

Short term medical insurance is an excellent option for ASA members who are unemployed, working as independent contractors, or currently enrolled as graduate students. Short-term coverage plans run from 1 to 12 months, depending on your choice of coverage term.

Individual Health Insurance Plans are available at competitive premium rates. Visit asoa.healthinsurance.com and click on the “Individual Medical” link to get your rate quotes and choice of different health plans offered by insurance providers. The health plan information includes deductible amounts, insurance co-pays, office visit payment information, and what medical procedures are covered by the particular insurance plan. You may also add a spouse and children to your coverage.

Limited Medical Insurance plans are available for people who have been denied coverage due to pre-existing health issues or have serious ongoing health conditions. Some states might not have limited medical plans. Call (877) 249-7868 for more details about this particular benefit. For more in-depth information about all of the coverage plans, visit asoa.healthinsurance.com.

Health Proponent is a one-stop resource for ASA members. The site helps you find qualified medical professionals; provides assistance with lowering medical bill payments; helps explain complex medical coverage plans; provides online personal health record management; offers online health risk assessment and more.  Visit Health Proponent for more information about the services and fees for ASA members at www.healthproponent.com or call (866) 939-3435.  

For complete information on these and other ASA member benefits, visit www.asanet.org/members/benefits.cfm.

Membership in ASA benefits you!

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