February 2009 Issue Volume 37 Issue 2

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Sociology Makes
Top-Ten Careers List

CareerCast.com names sociology as one of the nation’s best jobs in its "2009 Jobs Rated Report." Sociology ranked as the eighth most appealing job in the new website’s analysis of 200 occupations. The ranking is based on various job characteristics including perceived work environment, income, employment outlook, physical demands, security, and stress. See www.careercast.com/jobs/jobsRated.

CareerCast.com’s finding that mathematician was ranked as the most desirable job contrasts with ASA research, which used the 2003 Survey of Doctoral Recipients data on satisfaction among PhDs within nine disciplines. In ASA’s research, which has been submitted for publication, PhD mathematicians reported the lowest level of job satisfaction, while sociology fell toward the middle of the pack. See www.asanet.org/galleries/default-file/SatisfactionWithDoingScience.pdf.

This latest "top-ten" recognition for sociology comes on the heels of an online Forbes feature appearing in April 2008 in which the discipline was listed as one of the nation’s highest-paying rare jobs. logo_small


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