February 2009 Issue Volume 37 Issue 2

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09mtgLooking Forward to the 2009
Annual Meeting in San Francisco

Sex in the City:
A Sociological Sexual
History of San Francisco

The city of San Francisco could not be a better place for the 104th American Sociological Association Annual Meeting, with the theme "New Politics and Community." San Francisco is known for its progressive movements (Civil Rights Movement, Women’s Movement), including being open and inclusive toward sexuality. From the first free clinics to same-sex marriage to unionized strip clubs like the famous Lusty Lady, San Francisco leads the nation in a public sociology of sexuality.

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Two New DRG Services to
Help Sociology Departments

Sociology departments and their chairs are facing new challenges during these difficult economic times. Many departments must find ways to build and maintain strong and vital programs while working within even more budgetary constraints than in the past. Moreover, at a time when advice is most needed, department chairs may find it difficult to identify an appropriate source from which to seek advice and counsel. Professional authority, confidentiality, and resource dependence can all limit a chair’s ability to request advice from other department members, former chairs, the dean, and even chairs from other departments. Similar issues may arise for directors of graduate studies and faculty charged with leading department-wide projects, such as developing assessment plans.

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Sociology Makes Top-Ten Careers List

CareerCast.com names sociology as one of the nation’s best jobs in its "2009 Jobs Rated Report." Sociology ranked as the eighth most appealing job in the new website’s analysis of 200 occupations. The ranking is based on various job characteristics including perceived work environment, income, employment outlook, physical demands, security, and stress.

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