February 2009 Issue Volume 37 Issue 2

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2009 Student Forum Travel Awards

airplane ASA seeks applications for student travel to ASA’s 2009 Annual Meeting The American Sociological Association Student Forum is pleased to announce that the ASA Council is making funds available to support student travel awards to the ASA Annual Meeting. ASA anticipates granting approximately 33-35 travel awards in the amount of $225 each. These awards will be made on a competitive basis and are meant to assist students by defraying expenses associated with attending the 2009 ASA Annual Meeting in San Francisco. All applicants are encouraged to seek additional sources of funding to cover other expenses.

To apply, complete the online application or submit four copies of the 2009 Student Forum Travel Award Application form no later than April 1, 2009. Decisions will be announced by May 15, 2009. No part of the application may be submitted by fax and only applications from individuals on their own behalf will be accepted. Applicants must be students pursuing an undergraduate or graduate sociology degree in an academic institution and a current student member of ASA at the time of application. Participation in the Annual Meeting program (e.g., paper sessions, roundtables), purpose for attending (e.g., workshop training, Honors Program participation), student financial need, availability of other forms of support, matching funds, and potential benefit to the student are among the factors taken into account in making awards. A travel award committee of the ASA Student Forum convened especially for this purpose will select awardees. For more information, contact the ASA Executive Office at studentforum@asanet.org or (202) 383-9005, ext. 322. The award application form can be found on the ASA website www.asanet.org under "Funding,"and on the Student Forum website www.socstudentforum.org.

Attention Graduate Directors:
New Survey on Master’s Candidates

As part of a longitudinal study on Master’s programs in sociology, the ASA is inviting graduate directors to participate in an online survey. To take the survey and preview the questionnaire for master’s candidates, see www.surveymonkey.com/s.aspx?sm=Zpvz_2bUiDqINeLLaRBd_2fnSQ_3d_3d.


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