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Candidates for ASA Offices, Council, Committees

The American Sociological Association wishes to announce the candidates for all ASA Offices, Council, the Committee on Publications, and Committee on Nominations. Ballots will be mailed no later than May 15, 2001. Nominated candidates are as follows:

William Bielby, University of California, Santa Barbara
Paula England, University of Pennsylvania

Vice President-Elect
Lawrence Bobo, Harvard University
Ivan Szelenyi, Yale University

Linda Burton, Penn State University
Robert Crutchfield, University of Washington
Mary Jackman, University of California, Davis
Peter Marsden, Harvard University
John Meyer, Stanford University
S. Philip Morgan, Duke University
Victor Nee, Cornell University
Pamela B. Walters, Indiana University

Committee on Publications
Thomas DiPrete, Duke University
Rachel Rosenfeld, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
David Snow, University of Arizona
Robert Wuthnow, Princeton University

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  It's Not Too Early to Think About 2002!

The 2002 Program Committee is again inviting ASA members to submit suggestions for topics and organizers for thematic and special sessions and for the regular sessions of the 97th Annual Meeting to be held in Chicago, Illinois, on August 16-20, 2002. Suggestions for didactic seminars and workshops consistent with the theme, "Allocation Process and Ascription," are requested as well.

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  Investing in Our Future

In the November issue of Footnotes, the Executive Officer's column encouraged annual giving contributions to the discipline as part of members' charitable donations. ASA thanks all of our colleagues who have supported ASA's work to advance sociology in 2000 (see article). These donations to our restricted funds have a significant impact on our profession.

Special contributions from ASA members allow us to go beyond "business as usual" activities and undertake initiatives that enrich our discipline in breadth and substance. Some of our key funds include:

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