April 2014 Issue • Volume 42 • Issue 4

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American Sociological Association Council Highlights

ASA Council held its mid-year meeting on March 1-2, 2014, in Washington, DC. Pending Council approval and online posting of the minutes, the following is a snapshot of key decisions and discussions.

Minutes. The minutes for the summer Council meetings on August 13–14, 2013, were approved and are now posted at <www.asanet.org/about/Council_Minutes.cfm>.



Selected new editors for four ASA journals:

Archives. Favored digitizing the material in the 588 boxes of incomplete ASA journal records from 1990-2009 for possible future research that would be at the discretion of Council; acknowledged the desire of many members to have these records saved. Recognizing the high costs of digitizing the records into searchable PDF files, the competing demands for Association funds, and the need to protect ASA’s financial health, Council decided to:

Amicus Brief. Reaffirmed the decision made by the ASA Secretary to move forward on an amicus curiae brief on the impact on children of two-parent gay, lesbian, and different-sex parents for the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals.

Annual Report. Decided to continue to print 1,000 copies of the Annual Report for another three-year period, at which point the matter will be revisited.

Annual Meetings. When negotiating contracts to meet again in New York City, issues arose because of the expiration dates of hotel workers’ union contracts in 2020 in New York and 2019 in San Francisco. Council affirmed the decision of the ASA Secretary to have the ASA Executive Office to revise the San Francisco contract to host the Annual Meeting in 2020 and to negotiate a contract to place the Annual Meeting in New York City in 2019.

Elections. Approved revisions of ASA Bylaws for vote by membership as part of the 2014 election ballot.

Sections. Approved the Committee on Sections’ recommendations about changes requested by sections to be included in the 2014 election section ballots. These included a ballot proposal from the Section on Sociology of Education, a proposed dues increase from the Section on Economic Sociology, and proposed bylaws amendments for the following sections: Collective Behavior and Social Movements; Communication and Information Technologies; Environment and Technology; Latina/o Sociology; Marxist Sociology; Organizations, Occupations, and Work; Racial and Ethnic Minorities; Science, Knowledge, and Technology; and Sex and Gender.

Job Bank. Approved moving forward with the integration of Interfolio information and benefits into the ASA Job Bank.

Retirement Network. Approved establishing a new ASA forum—Opportunities in Retirement Network (ORN). Members in the Retired and Emeritus categories of ASA membership will automatically belong to the ORN, unless they choose to opt out. Benefits of the ORN will include: a Listserv for all emeritus/retired members as well as other members who want to be included; one paper presentation session by ORN at the Annual Meeting; one professional development workshop on retirement-related topics; a business meeting with an invited “lifetime of learning” lecture; and a semi-annual electronic newsletter. ORN will assist the Editor of Footnotes in preparing materials for a regular feature on retirement issues, including vignettes by retired sociologists about their current endeavors, and will explore ways to encourage participation by retirees in ASA Annual Meetings.

Committees and Task Forces. Accepted the report of the Committee on the Status of Women in Sociology and updates from three Task Forces: Sociology and Global Climate Change, Community College Sociology, and the Post-Doctoral Fellowship in Sociology.

Social Media Policy. Accepted recommendations from the Council Subcommittee on Social Media Policy for policies about discussing Council business outside of Council, both during its meetings and post-meetings, and approved an announcement to be included in the Final Annual Meeting Program to raise the awareness of presenters about the potential for presentation content to be recorded and/or shared on social media during or after their oral presentations.

Social Media Task Force. Accepted the progress report of the Task Force on Using Media to Increase the Visibility of Sociological Research (Social Media Task Force) and the descriptions of activities being undertaken by task force subcommittees in the areas of blogging, skill development, evaluation criteria, mobile app(s) for the Annual Meeting, and advice about the ASA website. To support this ASA Presidential initiative while awaiting subcommittee reports at Council’s next meeting, Council decided to:


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