April 2010 Issue • Volume 38 • Issue 4

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ASA Research in the Blogosphere


The ASA Research and Development Department is actively blogging on a number of topics relevant to sociologists, including social networks, motherhood and careers, and the BA and beyond. On the ASA Research blog, you’ll find our latest briefs, multimedia presentations, news on current projects, and discussion topics of concern to the sociological discipline and profession. Are you interested in sociology as a major? View a YouTube video about findings from a longitudinal study of baccalaureates from the class of 2005. Do you want to see how social networks influence the diffusion of innovation? Download a poster outlining ASA’s study on digital libraries. Do you want to know how women balance academic careers, and motherhood? Read the experiences shared by our readers in the discussion forums. The blog was designed to serve as a resource of information, and as an interactive forum where readers can initiate conversation, provide feedback, and ask questions. To read and/or comment on recent posts, visit asaresearch.wordpress.com/.

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