April 2010 Issue • Volume 38 • Issue 4

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Enjoy the Annual Meeting
Benefit Receptions!

The ASA Annual Meeting is a great venue for socialization and relaxation, while also providing an opportunity for attendees to support two of ASA’s funding opportunities—the Minority Fellowship Program and the Howery Teaching Enhancement Grant. So be sure to set aside time while in Atlanta to join friends and colleagues for a good time that also benefits these ASA grants.

Just Desserts!

Sunday, August 15, 9:30-11:00 p.m.
For the Howery Teaching Enhancement Grant Benefit Reception, bring your sweet tooth along to enjoy special desserts, good coffee, stimulating conversation, and then smile that all this pleasure goes to a good cause. Learn about current Howery-funded projects and get ideas about how to apply in the future.

MFP Benefit Reception

Monday, August 16, 9:30-11:00 p.m.
Plan to relax after dinner, meet current fellows and MFP alumni, and reaffirm your commitment to the MFP program.

Admission to both receptions is by ticket only, Tickets can be purchased when you pre-register, at on-site registration, and at the door. The fees for both events are:

Donor — $25
Sponsor — $50
Benefactor — $100

2009 Attendees

Below are the names of the 113 individuals who purchased tickets either with their Annual Meeting pre-registration or their on-site registration for the TEF and/or MFP benefit receptions at the 2009 Annual Meeting in San Francisco, CA. The ASA thanks members for their donations.

Elbert P. Almazan

Margaret L. Andersen

William R. Avison

Joanna M. Badagliacco

Krystal Beamon

Alexis A. Bender

Eduardo Bonilla-Silva

Christine E. Bose

Jomills Henry Braddock, II

Michael Brooks

Tony N. Brown

Michelle Renee Burstion-Young

Gilbert R. Cadena

Jose Zapata Calderon

Corinne Castro

Elizabeth S. Cavalier

Daniel F. Chambliss

Jorge Chapa

Jeffrey Chin

Margaret May Chin

Joyce N. Chinen

Andrew M. Cislo

David A. Cort

Brianne Davila

Marjorie L. DeVault

Patrice L. Dickerson

Dean S. Dorn

Emily M. Drew

David G. Embrick

Roberta M. Espinoza

Elisa Facio

Amia K. Foston

Alma M. Garcia

Darlaine C. Gardetto

Cheryl Townsend Gilkes

Bridget Goosby

Nancy A. Greenwood

Janet P. Grigsby

Anthony Ryan Hatch

Darnell F. Hawkins

Joan M. Hermsen

Garry W. Hesser

Elizabeth Higginbotham

Richard O. Hope

Jay R. Howard

Danny R. Hoyt

Michelle M. Jacob

Carol A. Jenkins

J. Craig Jenkins

Tomas R. Jimenez

Nikki Jones

Brenda A. Joyner

Deborah K. King

Alfonso R. Latoni

Tamara G.J. Leech

Betsy Lucal

Danielle MacCartney

William Alex McIntosh

Lisa J. McIntyre

Kathleen McKinney

S.M. Miller

Murray Milner, Jr.

Joya Misra

Aldon D. Morris

Tahi L. Mottl Reynolds

Edward Murguia

Yvonne D. Newsome

Wendy Ng

Ethel G. Nicdao

Samuel Noh

Michael Omi

Anthony Paik

C.E. Palmer Johnson

Robert Nash Parker

Silvia Pedraza

Howard Pinderhughes

Katy M. Pinto

Charles H. Powers

Helen M. Raisz

Leslie Richards

Fernando I. Rivera

Maria Natalicia Rocha-Tracy

Kerry Ann Rockquemore

Clara Rodriguez

Havidan Rodriguez

Judith Rollins

Essie Manuel Rutledge

Rogelio Saenz

Leland T. Saito

Eva E. Sandis

Beth E. Schneider

Denise A. Segura

James P. Sikora

Julius Snell

Kerry J. Strand

Stephen A. Sweet

David T. Takeuchi

Mark Tausig

Marylee C. Taylor

Edward E. Telles

Alex Trillo

Mridula Udayagiri

Abel Valenzuela, Jr.

William Velez

Leslie T.C. Wang

Lynn Weber

Ashley Rae Webster

Simon Weffer-Elizondo

Sally Willson Weimer

George L. Wimberly

Howard Winant

John F. Zipp


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