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  1. Why I Go to the ASA Department Chairs Conference

    Of the many occupations I aspired to as a child, “Department Chair” never came to mind. It didn’t even sneak in during graduate school or my early faculty years. Yet, to my great surprise, in July of 2012, I switched from planning courses and big research dreams (after directing our department survey research unit) to learning how to be a department chair. I felt overwhelmed and scared. I wanted to maintain the success of my dear department.

    The former chair forwarded to me ASA’s “Chairlink,” which described the Chairs pre-conference. I signed up right away.

  2. Tips for Promoting a New Book

    The following article is one of many included in the ASA Task Force on Social Media’s Promoting Sociological Research: A Toolkit, which provides tips and testimonials about promoting sociology.

  3. Teaching Sociology seeks submissions for a Special Issue on "Incorporating Globalization in the Sociology Curriculum."

    Topics of interest are: effective strategies that make global and transnational concerns evident to students; exercises or assignments that engage students in the study of global and transnational concerns; strategies of orchestrating transnational learning experiences; and critical reviews of ways that global and transnational content are presented in the curriculum. Deadline: February 1, 2017. Contact: Patti Giuffre at; or Stephen Sweet at

  4. ASA Council Approves the Membership of the Task Force on Contingent Faculty

    At its March meeting, Council approved the membership of the Task Force on Contingent Faculty, whose charge was published in the December 2015 issue of Footnotes along with a call for volunteers (see The call for volunteers was also distributed via ASA social media and to relevant e-mail lists.

  5. Measuring College Learning in Sociology: SSRC and ASA Collaboration Reaches Milestone

    Book CoverIn 2013 the Social Science Research Council (SSRC) initiated the Measuring College Learning (MCL) project because SSRC recognized a pressing need for greater clarity, intentionality, and quality in U.S. higher education.

  6. Science Policy

    Science PolicyYoung Women in STEM Fields Earn Less than Men

  7. Measuring Changes in Work

    Representatives from federal agencies involved in data collection on employment joined with scholars to discuss “Data Collection and Changing Employment Arrangements” at the ASA’s Executive Office in Washington, DC, on April 4. ASA President Ruth Milkman convened the dialogue among officials from the Department of Labor, Census Bureau, Bureau of Labor Statistics, and Government Accountability Office, university-based scholars, and researchers from think tanks and foundations.

  8. New Updates to the ASA Job Bank

    In March, the ASA implemented several new and exciting changes to the ASA Job Bank. After careful review of the Job Bank system and soliciting user suggestions, these changes were implemented to provide employers better tools for posting positions and to allow job seekers to better organize their search.