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  1. 2019 Journal Manuscript Summary Report

    ASA editors provide data on the frequency and timing of editorial decisions, which can be helpful to authors considering submissions. The table shown below reports on decisions, as of April 1, 2020, for manuscripts submitted in the 2019 calendar year. Narrative reports for these journals, as well as for Contemporary Sociology and the ASA Rose Series in Sociology, are available online at

  2. Development, Global Health, and COVID-19 (Sociology of Development)

    We are in the midst of a pandemic. But that midst differs by place. Health crises exacerbate underlying inequities, and countries vary in expertise, infrastructure, and the will to address them. As sociologists who study global heath and development across several world regions (Africa, Latin America, and Asia), we understand the importance of recognizing the multiplicity, but also the commonality, of challenges.

  3. COVID-19 and the Politics of Knowledge (Science, Knowledge, and Technology)

    A terrifying new infectious disease encircles the globe, placing lives and livelihoods in peril. As the federal government largely ignores the growing threat and fumbles the response, citizens struggle to make sense of virological facts and epidemiological findings and translate them into workable strategies to manage crucial and intimate aspects of their everyday lives—and, perhaps, stay alive. The time: the 1980s, in the early years of the HIV/AIDS pandemic in the United States.

  4. Thank You to ASA's Generous Member Donors

    ASA is pleased to recognize the following generous donors, whose recent contributions to the Association will positively impact our discipline and profession.

  5. Research Snapshot: Sociology Department Structure Varies by Institution Type

    This research snapshot draws from our ongoing analysis of the ASA survey of sociology departments, most recently conducted in the fall of 2019. One question we had was where sociology is located in the institution and whether this location varied by institution type. In what types of universities was it more likely that sociology share a departmental home with another discipline or major, for example?

  6. Police, Culture, and Inequality

    Michael Sierra-Arévalo

    Michael Sierra-Arévalo