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  1. Footnotes : New Books

    Kathy Giuffre, Colorado College, The Drunken Spelunker’s Guide to Plato (Blair, 2015).

    Peggy Levitt, Wellesley College, Artifacts and Allegiances: How Museums Put the Nation and the World on Display (University of California Press, 2015).


  2. Footnotes : In the News

    Richard Alba, Graduate Center, CUNY, and Nancy Foner, Hunter College and Graduate Center, CUNY, were quoted in a December 9 New York Times article comparing the integration of immigrants in the United States and Europe.

    Tressie McMillan Cottom, Virginia Commonwealth University, was quoted in a January 6 BuzzFeed article, “Shaun King’s Days as a Pastor Mirrored His Later Successes — And Failures — as An Activist.”

  3. Footnotes : Awards

    Chloe E. Bird, RAND Corporation, received the 2015 Leadership Award at the Right Care Initiative meeting for “improving women’s cardiovascular outcomes and reducing gender disparities.”

    Howard E. Aldrich, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, was awarded an Honorary Doctorate from Bowling Green State University. He delivered the BGSU commencement address on December 19, 2015.

  4. Footnotes : Transitions

    Shirley A. Jackson, Southern Connecticut State University, accepted the position of Chair of Black Studies in the School of Gender, Race, and Nations at Portland State University.

  5. Footnotes : People

    Douglas L. Anderton, Sloan College, a fellow of the American Statistical Association, has been elected to the International Statistical Institute.

    David L. Atheide, Arizona State University, gave the keynote address, “The Media Syndrome and Reflexive Mediation,” at the recent Medial Logic Conference in Berlin, Germany.

    Riley Dunlap, Oklahoma State University, gave the keynote address at the 5th International Symposium on Environmental Sociology in East Asia in Sendai, Japan, October 2015.

  6. Footnotes : New Books

    Margaret L. Andersen, University of Delaware, Howard F. Taylor, Princeton University, and Kim Logio, St. Joseph’s University, Sociology: The Essentials, 9th ed. (Cengage, 2017).

    Evrick Brown, Kingsborough Community College, and Timothy Shortell, Brooklyn College-CUNY, Eds., Walking in Cities: Quotidianh Mobility as Urban Theory, Method and Practice (Temple University Press, 2015).

  7. Footnotes : Caught on the Web

    General Social Survey (GSS), on December 18, 2015, the existing GSS website was replaced with the new website address, Past users of the GSS website should find essentially the same information and content that existed on the old site. Among the major changes are the following: NESTAR is longer part of the GSS website and many of its features have been replaced by GSS Data Explorer, and a bibliography of GSS and International Social Survey Program (ISSP) research publications has been expanded to cover over 25,000 entries.

  8. Footnotes : New Programs

    University of Delaware Department of Sociology now includes Medical Sociology as one of its core comprehensive areas. Faculty strengths include health services research, health organizations, medical education, health inequality, reproductive health, health and aging, illness experience, diagnosis, and professionalization.

  9. Footnotes : Summer Programs

    23rd Annual RAND Summer Institute, July 11-14, 2015, Santa Monica, CA. Two conferences addressing critical issues facing our aging population: Mini-Medical School for Social Scientists; Workshop on the Demography, Economics, Psychology, and Epidemiology of Aging. Interested researchers can apply for financial support covering travel and accommodations. For more information, visit

  10. Footnotes : In the News

    Amanda Anthony, University of Central Florida, was quoted in a January 21 Orlando Sentinel article, “Brothers’ Road Trip Calls for Van, Spam, Blogging.”

    J. Gordon Arbuckle, Iowa State University, was quoted in a February 1 Scientific American article, “Climate Visions Clash in Iowa Caucuses.”

    Elizabeth Armstrong, University of Michigan, was quoted in a January 27 Huffington Post article, “In Responding to Survey Complaints, USC Shoots Itself in the Foot.”