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  1. Kathleen Gerson Award Statement - Jessie Bernard Award

    Kathleen Gerson - Award Statement

  2. Patricia Yancey Martin Award Statement

    Patricia Yancey Martin Award Statement

    Patricia Yancey Martin, Professor of Sociology and Department Chair, at Florida State University, is the 2007 recipient of ASA’s Jessie Bernard Career Award.

  3. Michael Messner Award Statement

    Michael A. Messner - Award Statement

  4. Harriet Presser Award Statement

    Harriet Presser Award Statement

  5. Cecilia Ridgeway Award Statement

    Cecilia Ridgeway Award Statement

    The 2009 Jessie Bernard Award winner is Stanford University’s Lucie Stern Professor of Social Sciences Cecilia Ridgeway.

    Ridgeway is a path-breaking social psychologist whose scholarship enhances "our understanding of gender inequality as much as, or more than, anyone else during the last half of the 20th century" Linda Molm notes in her nomination letter.

    Ridgeway’s scholarship has been published in all the top

  6. Verta Taylor Award Statement

    Verta Taylor Award Statement

  7. Barrie Thorne Award Statement

    Barrie Thorne Award Statement

    Barrie Thorne, University of California-Berkeley