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  1. Nation’s First Department of Rural Sociology Celebrates its Centennial

    Cornell Rural SociologyIn September 2015, more than 100 alumni, faculty, and students gathered in Ithaca, NY, to celebrate the centennial anniversary of the nation’s first Department of Rural Sociology. Reflecting 100 years of continuity and change, the department was originally named the Department of Rural Social Organization. In 1939, it was renamed the Department of Rural Sociology.

  2. Thank You, ASA Members!

    ASA wishes to acknowledge the generous support of the following individuals, whose financial contributions to the Association during the 2015 membership year (October 16, 2014, through October 15, 2015) greatly aided in the success of ASA programs and initiatives. The donations given by these individuals to the ASA help support the American Sociological Fund, the Carla B.

  3. ASA Rolls Out Standards for High School Sociology at NCSS

    NCSSOn November 13, 2015, in New Orleans, ASA once again sponsored an all-day symposium for high school teachers at the 2015 National Council for the Social Studies (NCSS) Annual Conference. This was the fifth event of this kind that ASA has sponsored since 2011.

  4. Teaching Premedical Students in the Sociology Classroom

    Representing the first major modification to the exam in a quarter century, the new 2015 Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT) has created a ripple effect in sociology departments across the country.

  5. Science Policy

    NSF States that Harassment Will Not Be Tolerated

  6. Four Steps to Enhance Your Social Media Presence

    twitter logoIf you are not yet an active user of social media, I am guessing that you probably have your doubts about its value and you may even worry that your colleagues are wasting precious time on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and/or Pinterest. Not to put too fine a point on it, but I am sure there were similar fears in the early days of both the internet and the telephone.

  7. The Campus Kitchen at Fayetteville State University

    October 2015 FSU Harvest Festival

    October 2015 FSU Harvest Festival

  8. It’s Better in the Block

    2016 ASA Annual Meeting Housing in Seattle is Now Open