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  1. Science Policy

    HHS Releases Proposed Revisions to the Common Rule

  2. Executive Officer Hillsman to Retire in May 2016

    Sally T. Hillsman has announced that she will retire from her position as Executive Officer of the American Sociological Association in May 2016. Since becoming the Executive Officer in 2002, she has overseen all the activities of the Executive Office, with special attention to public affairs, scientific publishing, and social science funding. She has championed the establishment of section-sponsored journals, including Sociology of Race and Ethnicity and Society and Mental Health, as well as Contexts and the new open-access journal, Socius: Sociological Research for a Dynamic World.

  3. How Is Your Program Preparing Undergrads for Employment? Liberal Learning Task Force Seeks Examples

    As previously reported in Footnotes (November 2014), a new Task Force has formed to revise the ASA volume Liberal Learning and the Sociology Major, Updated. The revision of the Liberal Learning document is prompted in part by the increasing focus on employment outcomes evidenced in surveys of sociology majors (Senter, et. al. 2012) and of college students generally (Eagan, et. al. 2013), as well as the use of data on graduates’ employment in a variety of measures of institutional and program quality. 

  4. Sex and Gender Categories for ASA Membership

    Committee on the Status of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer (LGBTQ) Persons in Sociology

    Beginning with the 2016 ASA membership year—which will open for renewals and new memberships in October—members will have an expanded range of sex and gender options to choose from in the ASA member database. The revised sex and gender reporting categories will allow members to choose one or two of the following:

  5. ASA Open Access Journal Socius Is Accepting Manuscripts

    Socius: Sociological Research for a Dynamic World is the ASA’s first general sociology, open-access journal. Covering all areas of the discipline, ASA and inaugural editors Lisa A. Keister and James Moody (Duke University) are pleased to announce that Socius is now accepting manuscripts. The journal will be funded through support from the ASA and SAGE Publications, as well as article processing charges (APCs), although waivers are offered for at least the first 12 months for any author unable to pay an APC for any reason.

  6. The Graduate Teaching Seminar Project Using TRAILS

    A vigorous discipline of sociology requires the creation of meaningful research knowledge and the training of professional sociologists able to pass on that knowledge effectively. In spring 2015, four ASA Department Affiliate institutions participated in a pilot project to integrate TRAILS, ASA’s Teaching Resources and Innovations Library for Sociology, into their graduate teaching seminars.

  7. Science Policy

    Census: More than Half of Asians in U.S. Have a Bachelor’s or Higher

  8. ASA Forum

    BlackLivesMatter: “Where Is the Outrage?”

    The attention given to the current state of institutional racism across many of the nation’s college campuses is painful to read and hear. Yet, the silence of the masses of social science organizations that routinely shout for social justice, an end to institutional discrimination, and other social ills is screeching like nails across a chalkboard. Where is the outrage?