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  1. Annual Meeting 2016 Advertisers

    Annual Meeting 2016 Advertisers
  2. Annual Meeting 2017 Advertisers

    Annual Meeting 2017 Advertisers
  3. Annual Meeting 2018 Advertisers

    Annual Meeting 2018 Advertisers
  4. Drexel University

    Drexel University
  5. Annual Meeting 2018 Supporters

    Annual Meeting 2018 Supporters
  6. Contexts Editors on the Magazine’s Ethnography Forum

    This is a guest post by Syed Ali and Philip Cohen, Contexts co-editors.

    Contexts Magazine’s Ethnography Forum

    A few months ago, the ASA Council asked us if we’d be interested in organizing a forum on “best practices” in ethnography in response to recent highly critical press. Council asked that this not be more critique, but rather thinking about ethnography going forward, something to spur the conversation along. We agreed that it seemed like a good idea.

  7. New Socius Article: Recognizing Dignity for Marginalized Young Men

    This is a guest post by Freeden Oeur at Tufts University on his Socius article, “Recognizing Dignity: Young Black Men Growing Up in an Era of Surveillance.” You can read more Socius articles at

    Recognizing Dignity

  8. Mind Your P’s, Please

    Yesterday the American Statistical Association (that’s right, a different ASA) released a “Statement on Statistical Significance and P-values.” It’s a thoughtful consideration of the issue, and it even includes 21 commentaries right off the bat, sort of a prepackaged colloquium to nerd out over.

  9. Embracing a Social Media Presence

    Like it or not, social media is a pervasive form of communication and a part of the way that we live now.

  10. Is Your Sociology Program Thriving? Consider the Changing Popularity of Your Major

    This is a guest Post by Stephen Sweet at Ithaca College on his Teaching Sociology article, “How Departments Can Respond to the Changing Popularity of the Sociology Major,” which is  based on his 2015 Hans O. Mauksch Address.