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  1. Marriage, Single Parenthood, and the 2016 Vote

    W. Bradford Wilcox, National Marriage Project,  and Jon McEwan, Brigham Young University

    In post-2016 election takes, one factor has largely been overlooked: the family factor. At first glance, 2016 looks no different than previous presidential elections. The Republican Party presidential nominee usually does better with married voters and in counties with more two-parent families. This was certainly true for Donald Trump.

  2. Why I Postponed the Exam Following the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election

    Rashawn Ray, University of Maryland, @SociologistRay

  3. A Painful Lesson in Why We Have to Take Status Seriously

    Cecilia Ridgeway, Stanford University

  4. Inspiring the Next Generation: Undergraduate Student Observations from Dr. Bonilla-Silva’s Talk at DCSS

    Daniel Oshiro, Lindsey Smith, and Thomas Florczak are undergraduate students at American University who attended the January 27 DCSS lecture by ASA President-elect Eduardo Bonilla-Silva.

  5. Footnotes - January-March 2019

    Footnotes - January-March 2019
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    Footnotes - November-December 2018
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    Footnotes - January-March 2018
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