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  1. History of Sociology


    The purpose of the Section on the History of Sociology is to provide a forum for sociologists and other scholars interested in the study of the historically specific processes shaping the development of sociology as a profession, an academic discipline, an organization, a community, and an intellectual endeavor. The Section serves its members as a structure

  2. Community and Urban Sociology

    Community and Urban Sociology
  3. Community and Urban Sociology

    Mission Statement:

    Members of the Section on Community and Urban Sociology explore new social theory and develop empirical research on groups living, working, and communicating across geographical boundaries, including cities, suburbs, and rural areas, as well as electronic communities and other spaces.


  4. Sociology of Law

    Welcome to the Sociology of Law Section website!  Members of this section have diverse research interests dealing with the law in many permutations, contexts, and formats, using a variety of methodologies.  As a section, we offer several panels at each annual meeting and support book, article, and paper prizes. Recently, the section began hosting a Sociology of Law mini-conference on August 11, 2017, the day before the ASA annual meeting. 

    Elizabeth A. Hoffmann, Associate Professor of Sociology, Purdue University


  5. Racial and Ethnic Minorities

    The purpose of the Section on Racial and Ethnic Minorities is to encourage research, theory, and teaching concerning the relation between socially defined racial and ethnic groups. The encouragement of scholarship contributing to the welfare of all, rather than the promotion of any particular group's social or political interests, is a paramount goal of the Section.

  6. Alcohol Drugs and Tobacco

    Mission Statement

    The purpose of the section on Alcohol, Drugs, and Tobacco is to encourage and enhance research, teaching and other professional concerns in the study of alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs. The section seeks to promote communication, collaboration, and consultation among scholars in the field of alcohol, drug, and tobacco studies.

  7. Annual Meeting 2017 Advertisers

    Annual Meeting 2017 Advertisers
  8. Annual Meeting 2018 Advertisers

    Annual Meeting 2018 Advertisers
  9. Asia and Asian America

    The Section aims to strengthen the theoretical and methodological aspects of Asian and Asian American Studies.

    The Section promotes Asia and Asian American Studies within sociology by organizing paper sessions, roundtables, and social events at the annual meetings of the ASA. It recognizes distinguished scholarship with best book, research paper, and student paper awards.

  10. Drexel University

    Drexel University