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  1. Global and Transnational Sociology

    Welcome to the American Sociological Association's Section on Global and Transnational Sociology. For information about the section, our research, and our activities, please check the links above.

  2. Animals and Society


    The purpose of the Section on Animals and Society is to encourage and support the development of theory, research and teaching about the complex relationships that exist between humans and other animals. In the process, it is anticipated that the light we shed on these issues will increase the well-being of both humans, and other animals.

  3. Asia and Asian America

    The Section aims to strengthen the theoretical and methodological aspects of Asian and Asian American Studies.

    The Section promotes Asia and Asian American Studies within sociology by organizing paper sessions, roundtables, and social events at the annual meetings of the ASA. It recognizes distinguished scholarship with best book, research paper, and student paper awards.

  4. Community and Urban Sociology

    Mission Statement:

    Members of the Section on Community and Urban Sociology explore new social theory and develop empirical research on groups living, working, and communicating across geographical boundaries, including cities, suburbs, and rural areas, as well as electronic communities and other spaces.


  5. History of Sociology


    The purpose of the Section on the History of Sociology is to provide a forum for sociologists and other scholars interested in the study of the historically specific processes shaping the development of sociology as a profession, an academic discipline, an organization, a community, and an intellectual endeavor. The Section serves its members as a structure

  6. Methodology


    The purpose of the Section on Methodology is to foster the development of this aspect of sociology through the organized interchange of ideas and research results. The term methodology shall be interpreted in its broadest sense to include the development of investigative techniques appropriate to any branch of sociology, of statistical and experimental procedures, and of mathematics, data processing, and such other interests as may be useful in sociological research.


  7. Medical Sociology

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    Welcome to the official website of the Medical Sociology Section of the American Sociological Association!

  8. International Migration

    Are you looking for an expert on International Migration?  For media inquiries please contact the Section on International Migration's Plenipotentiary to the world, Elizabeth Aranda:

    Do you have news to share with the Section on International Migration's Twitter and Facebook accounts?  Forward all news to be shared to the Social Media and Web manager, Oshin Khachikian: 


  9. Latina/o Sociology

    Section on Latino/a Sociology