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  1. Convention Services

    ASA  offers a variety of services to enhance your experience during the Annual Meeting. 

  2. In the News

    Amanda Anthony, University of Central Florida, was quoted in a January 21 Orlando Sentinel article, "Brothers' Road Trip Calls for Van, Spam, Blogging."

    J. Gordon Arbuckle,Iowa State University, was quoted in a February 1 Scientific American article, "Climate Visions Clash in Iowa Caucuses."

    Elizabeth Armstrong, University of Michigan, was quoted in a January 27 Huffington Post article, "In Responding to Survey Complaints, USC Shoots Itself in the Foot."

  3. Footnotes : Awards

    Angie Y. Chung, University at Albany, in collaboration with co-PIs Jan Lin, Occidental College, and Sookhee Oh, Korea University, was awarded a 2-year $137, 314 National Science Foundation grant to examine the role of immigrant pro-growth elites in promoting land intensification and (re)development projects in Koreatown and Monterey Park, Los Angeles.

  4. People

    Angela J. Hattery, George Mason University, was elected Treasurer-Elect of the Sociologists for Women in Society (SWS) in their 2016 election.

    Abby L. Ferber, University of Colorado -Colorado Springs, was elected President-Elect of the Sociologists for Women in Society (SWS) in their 2016 election.

    Vrushali Patil, Florida International University, was elected Secretary of the Sociologists for Women in Society (SWS) in their 2016 election.

  5. Footnotes : New Books

    Kevin B. Bales, University of Hull, Blood and Earth: Modern Slavery, Ecocide, and the Secret to Saving the World (Random House, 2016).

    Erynn Masi de Casanova, University of Cincinnati, Buttoned Up: Clothing, Conformity, and White-Collar Masculinity (Cornell University Press, 2015).

    Manisha Desai, University of Connecticut, Subaltern Movements in India: Gendered Geographies of Struggle Against Neoliberal Development (Routledge Contemporary South Asia Series) (Routledge, 2015).

  6. Catalyst: A Social Justice Forum

    Catalyst: A Social Justice Forum, will turn its attention in a forthcoming special issue to articles that offer critiques of any one of the five core social science disciplines, including sociology, combined with proposals for catalyzing reform of that discipline.

  7. Intersectionality and Images of Female Aggression in 21st Century Media

    Intersectionality and Images of Female Aggression in 21st Century Media is seeking submissions on female aggression. Aggressive women saturate the media. Even concern of aggression among young girls has increased with scholars, educators, and parents scrambling to respond to bullying, peer pressure, and social manipulation. This collection uses an intersectional lens to analyze how “aggressive girls” are treated in the media and the criminal justice system.

  8. Michigan Sociological Review

    Michigan Sociological Review (MSR) invites submissions for vol. 30 (Fall 2016). MSR is the official, peer-reviewed publication of the Michigan Sociological Association. As an interdisciplinary, double-blind peer-reviewed journal, it welcomes previously unpublished manuscripts exploring a broad range of theoretical, methodological, and empirical questions. To submit, send an e-mail with two files attached: one that has all author identification removed, and a second file with author contact information, biography of no more than 100 words, and any acknowledgements.

  9. Teaching Sociology Special issue

    Teaching Sociology invites submissions for its upcoming Special Issue on “Incorporating Globalization in the Sociology Curriculum.” Teaching Sociology seeks articles and notes that address issues which focus on innovative approaches that incorporate globalization and transnational concerns in the curriculum. Topics of interest are: Effective strategies that make global and transnational concerns evident to students. Exercises or assignments that engage students in the study of global and transnational concerns.

  10. Association for Humanist Sociology 2016 Annual Meeting

    Association for Humanist Sociology 2016 Annual Meeting, November 2-6, Denver, CO. Theme: “Elevating Humanity: Pathways to Progressivisim.” At this meeting certain questions about a more progressive society will be asked, such as: what would it look like and how do we get there from here? What are the obstacles and impediments and how can they be overcome? Submit papers and sessions which enhance understanding of social issues and problems, while focusing on strategies, movements, and collective efforts that strive to bring about humanistic solutions and progressive change.