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  1. Accountability after Genocide

    working to prosecute the perpetrators of genocide, remember its victims, and move forward is an enormous undertaking. after nearly 2 million trials in under a decade, rwanda provides an case study in local legal adaptation toward accountability.

  2. No Rest for the Wicked? The Consequences of Incarceration for Sleep Problems

    About one in every five Americans suffers from inadequate sleep, a key indicator of physical and mental well-being. Using data from the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health, we investigate the association between incarceration and two related sleep problems: short sleep duration and symptoms of insomnia. We find that relative to those who have not been incarcerated, those with a history of incarceration have an elevated risk of short sleep duration and insomnia symptoms.
  3. Race, Class, and the Framing of Drug Epidemics

    Contexts, Volume 16, Issue 4, Page 46-51, Fall 2017.
  4. Big Data Surveillance: The Case of Policing

    This article examines the intersection of two structural developments: the growth of surveillance and the rise of “big data.” Drawing on observations and interviews conducted within the Los Angeles Police Department, I offer an empirical account of how the adoption of big data analytics does—and does not—transform police surveillance practices. I argue that the adoption of big data analytics facilitates amplifications of prior surveillance practices and fundamental transformations in surveillance activities.
  5. Committing Mass Violence to Education and Learning

    Laura E. Agnich and Meghan Hale on the rational, if overblown, fears reconfiguring classrooms.

  6. Black and Blue

    Sudhir Venkatesh, Laurence Ralph, Elliott Currie, and Katherine Beckett
  7. Torture and Scientism

    Steven Ward on two reports revealing the insidious instrumentalism of a social science.

  8. The Injustice

    Jay Livingstone on crime and the triumph of vengeance over practicality.

  9. Financial Foreclosures

    Four essays on the regulation, reform, and reformulations needed to rebuild and fortify the U.S. economy, on scales personal and national.
  10. Antwerp’s Appetite for African Hands

    Contexts, Volume 15, Issue 4, Page 65-67, Fall 2016.