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  1. Contexts: Trump365

    Winter 2018, Vol. 17, No. 1

    Features include "After Charlottesville", "Ethnonationalism and the Rise of Donald Trump", "Trump’s Immigration Attacks, in Brief", "Making Protest Great Again", "Emasculation, Conservatism, and the 2016 Election", "Maintaining Supremacy by Blocking Affirmative Action", and "The Algorithmic Rise of the “Alt-Right."

  2. 2018 Guide to Graduate Departments of Sociology

    A best seller for many years, this invaluable reference has been published by the ASA since 1965 and provides comprehensive information for academic administrators, advisers, faculty, students, and a host of others seeking information on social science departments in the U.S., Canada, and abroad. 

  3. ASA’s Working Group on Harassment Takes First Steps

    ASA appointed a Working Group on Harassment that has been hard at work. Members include Chair Kathrin Zippel, Northeastern University; Frank Dobbin, Harvard University; C. Shawn McGuffey, Boston College ;C.J. Pascoe, University of Oregon; Mary Texeira, California State University-San Bernardino; and Justine Tinkler, University of Georgia.

  4. Candidates for the 2018 ASA Election

    In accordance with election policies established by the ASA Council, Biographical sketches of the candidates for leadership positions in the ASA election appear in alphabetical order by office below. The candidates appear in alphabetical order by office. 

  5. Call for Suggestions: Nominees for Elective and Appointed Offices

    ASA members are invited to suggest names for nominations for the following elected offices:

    • President-Elect
    • Vice President-Elect
    • Council Members-at-Large
    • Members of the Committee on Committees
    • Members of the Committee on Nominations
    • Members of the Committee on Publications

    Suggestions for elected positions will be sent to the relevant body that determines a ballot for each of these positions—either the Committee on Committees, Committee on Nominations or Council.   

  6. Apply to Participate in the ASA TRAILS Teaching Seminar Program

    Trails LogoWant to integrate TRAILS into your graduate teaching seminar? This program will help you enhance the learning process for your graduate students and advance the scholarship of teaching and learning in sociology. Applications are now being accepted for fall 2018.

  7. ISA Global Map of Sociologists for Social Inclusion

    ISA Global Map of Sociologists for Social InclusioThe International Sociological Association has developed the “Global Map of Sociologists for Social Inclusion” (GMSSI) to create the global database of sociologists to identify, connect, and enable global collaborations

  8. Call for Papers: Social Psychology of Creativity

    Social Psychology Quarterly invites papers for a special issue on the social psychology of creativity, to be edited by John Parker, Ugo Corte, and Gary Alan Fine. The deadline for submissions is September 1, 2018.

  9. Help Ensure an Accurate 2020 Census

    The Trump Administration has decided to add a citizenship question to the 2020 Census, which will fundamentally compromise the integrity of the census. With little time left before the 2020 launch, a new question can no longer be subject to standard rigorous testing. In fact, field testing for Census 2020 is already underway. In addition, including a citizenship question is likely to keep some people from responding to the questionnaire and others from responding truthfully. Congress has the power to stop this.