American Sociological Association

Robert K. Merton

Robert King Merton

Robert King Merton

July 4, 1910 - February 23, 2003

Robert K. Merton served as the 47th President of the American Sociological Association. His Presidential Address, "Priorities in Scientific Discovery: A Chapter in the Sociology of Science," was delivered on August 28, 1957 at the Association's Annual Meeting in Washington, DC. His Address was later published in the American Sociological Review (ASR Dec 1957 Vol 22, No 6, pp 635-659). An extensive obituary for Merton was published in the March 2003 issue of Footnotes, along with remembrances by his colleagues and former students.


The Spring 1995 issue of Temple Review (Vol 47, No 1) contained an extensive article on Robert Merton entitled "The Improbable Adventures of an American Scholar" by Ruth W. Schultz. Temple Review has graciously provided permission for ASA to make that article available on this page.

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