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Review Essays: How to Think like an Economic Sociologist

According to Google Scholar, over his long and distinguished career Mark Granovetter has written a remarkable number of “blockbuster” publications, with two very influential articles at the top of the list: “The Strength of Weak Ties” (Granovetter 1973) and “Economic Action and Social Structure” (Granovetter 1985). These have generated more than 43,000 (!!) and 34,000 (!) citations, respectively. Even without Google Scholar’s “big data,” however, almost all sociologists would recognize Granovetter’s seminal contributions to network analysis and economic sociology, among other topics. With this kind of bravura performance, what could he possibly do for an encore? The answer is contained in a new book, Society and Economy: Framework and Principles. The title says it all: this summary work draws on a lifetime of research and outlines Granovetter’s approach for how we might best understand the entanglements of economy and society. It is a relatively short book, too. A following volume promises to present fuller applications of the framework, so readers are encouraged to stay tuned.


Bruce G. Carruthers





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