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Rose Series Submission Guidelines

Submission Guidelines

The American Sociological Association’s Rose Series in Sociology provides syntheses of important research, focuses on larger sociological and policy issues, and reaches a broad audience of sociologists, other social scientists, and policymakers.  Established in 1967 through a bequest to the ASA from Arnold and Caroline Rose, and reconfigured in 1999, the Series brings the best of sociology to the larger intellectual community.

The Rose Series offers a unique publishing opportunity for sociologists. Authors are given a very substantial advance on the basis of an accepted proposal, and the visibility of publishing with major press that prides itself on strong marketing beyond the sociological profession, including to important international audiences. The volumes, which are published by the Russell Sage Foundation in cooperation with the American Sociological Association, receive special attention from the ASA, the Series’ editorial collective, and Russell Sage. Proposals are evaluated with the intellectual rigor associated with refereed journals; the editorial collective arranges for a day long conference devoted to the work when the authors are at the midpoint of their endeavors; and well-known scholars in the field provide timely reviews of the finished manuscript; and, Russell Sage’s professional staff provides a thorough and final editing of the completed manuscript. In addition, many volumes are the subject of “Author Meets Critics” sessions at the American Sociological Association meetings.

The Rose Series editorial collective issues contracts on the basis of short proposals, although completed manuscripts will also be considered. Proposals should be approximately 10 pages in length, and include the following elements, presented in any form that the author feels is appropriate:

  • A detailed summary of the subject matter, focus, and overall argument of the book.
  • A discussion of its contributions to current knowledge in the area.
  • The implications for policy making.
  • The kinds of data and methods employed in the underlying research.
  • The relation of the proposed volume to previous work by the author(s)
  • The ways in which the proposal fits the emphases of the Rose Series.
  • A detailed outline of the book and its chapters.
  • A description of the potential audience for the work.
  • Relevant bibliography (not included in the 10 page limit).
  • Curriculum vitae (not included in the 10 page limit).

Proposals or queries can be made directly to one of the editors, e-mailed to, or mailed to:

ASA Rose Series
Department of Sociology
CUNY Graduate Center
365 Fifth Avenue
Room 6112.04
New York, NY 10016


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