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The Stress Process: An Appreciation of Leonard I. Pearlin

For more than 60 years, Leonard I. Pearlin’s contributions to theory and research fundamentally shaped the sociology of mental health, medical sociology, and the sociology of aging and the life course. He died last year, and this article is an expression of appreciation for the person and his work as expressed by his colleagues, students, and friends. The testimonials collected here explain his seminal work and why it altered the field, describe how his intellectual leadership affected our own work, attest to his generous mentoring of students and young academics, and try to convey his character and why he has engendered such affection. The material quoted from selected Pearlin publications articulates most clearly why this work continues to resonate with sociologists concerned with the impact of society on the mental health of its members.


Aneshensel, C. S., Avison, W. R.





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